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64Valiants 1969 low light kombi


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10 minutes ago, Shakotom said:

Fuck yeah

now acquire the high roof from that rusty one at VW shop. Affix to this and slam this and win even more at life

The roof is like perfect on this. I may aquire it and put it in the roof of the garage for a bit and go from there but till then no cutting holes in this roof. 

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2 hours ago, azzurro said:


Great work getting the mrs to pay for your/her/our project too  :tongue:

oh don't get me wrong i'll still have to pay for the most of it.  but cunning plan thinking it part hers so il try get her to pay for it. (wont work when she will see the price of stuff)

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Get the original panels they are about 50% more expensive but cheaper when you factor in the time trying to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear . did a 1970 one he originally brought the cheaper ones but realised that they were shit and didn't really fit , front step patch panel had different curve and was twisted

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On 29/07/2017 at 14:55, Bistro said:

plz tell me chocolate brown with orange tartan interior. matching vws would be choice I reckon


Nah this one will probably end up hounds tooth black and white with black upholstery with mustard yellow white top. 


Kinda like this one on tard at the moment only cause I can't find the photo of the one I really like in Australia atm. 



On 29/07/2017 at 16:12, Shifter said:

Nice work. Pitch the 'investment' angle!


Yeah middy knows what they are worth/how much they go for atm and she saw this as the best option for us. Bang for buck was on the really good end of the stick. 


@nickrock will probably end up with green panels everywhere. But will see what kinda deals I can get with upholstery. Got one guy who deals In panels and has a rx3 that needs upholstery. So yeah.... Shull be fun. 


@Shakotom God dam man go away with them sweet rides I drive passed the high top 10 times a week and look at it every time. But this roof is soooooo God dam mint. Like the best part of this buss. 



Beth says no. 

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