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  1. Shifter


    Thanks mate. I've got everything going on. Rattles, noise, heat. I figure Kilmat, Dynamat or whatever will be step one of a few. But thanks, good to know it's going to need help with muffling sound. Cheers
  2. Shifter


    Great advice. Thanks mate. Mirrors are cheapies. Check out West Coast Jr on eBay or amazon. They're already starting to rust but I'll paint them anyway, too shiny for this old thing. The arms have been shortened up a lot as they were a risk to pedestrians and cyclists! Only half joking...
  3. Shifter


    Morning. Finally got the right stickers on my old van and next job on the list is going to be doing the window and door rubbers and sound deadening/insulation to make the drive a little less like sticking your head in a concrete mixer. See Kilmat comes up a fair bit on here via Amazon but lots of people are still building their stuff. Any feedback from a before and after perspective using it? Because my motor sits between the front seats I'll prob go real thick Dynamat on the doghouse but I'll need another mortgage to do the rest of the tin can in that. So price wise Kilmat looks less painful. Cheers!
  4. And I thought you were just annoyingly talented when it came to bolting cars together...
  5. Nice work. Pitch the 'investment' angle!
  6. This 51 has been a good inspiration although funny thing is there's a few things I don't like about it too. Probably that it's just on the deck!
  7. Busy as with work but still chipping away/hurting the credit card when I can. Bomba aka Kenny and Nick kindly came around and helped get the grill in place. Was recommended to do it without masking tape being fresh paint and all, which I thought was going to be a pain but went into place pretty easy. Every bit of chrome and stainless going back on makes such a difference and there's still heaps to go. Pulled apart side mirrors to get chromed and new glass cut but on closer inspection they weren't original so wasn't worth the expense. Hit eBay for some repro King Bee mirrors which are nicer and cheaper in the long run anyway. Dusted off some engine dress up bits which have been patiently waiting on the shelf and drained the stale gas out of the tank. And that's about it. Waiting on my stainless for the hood and trunk and skirts which are getting paint where applicable, then will get visor and mirrors mounted. My tyres are still annoying me too. They're about 3/4" - 1" too thin on the whitewall for the look I want. Which is going to be an annoyingly expensive fix but it's going to keep bothering me. So let me know if anyone is in the market for some near new 205/75r15 Coker radials. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53947-shifters-51-pontiac-chieftain-talky-stuff/
  8. Been crazy busy at work so not a great deal of progress being made, but been hitting the chrome and stainless with metal polish and jamming it back on the car bit by bit. Also got my grill back from Bumper Replacements in Auckland. Really nice job and had a fair bit of rust on it before so the difference is just massive.
  9. Bloody lowriders. Looks rad Kenny. Love these.
  10. Nice. I had a 64 as my only car for years. Ended up running an injected commodore motor and trans mated up to the modified factory diff (ditched torque tube, went 4 link). A lot of them were assembled here in Thames. The NZ mopar forum has a few owners lurking on there.
  11. Well, at last I have a large grey pontiac in my garage. Still a couple things to paint like the skirts and the detail on the 'waterfall' trim that goes over the hood and trunk. Grill has been rechromed and will do the front bumper too plus a few randoms like indicators and tail lights, rear bumper is still pretty good. Have a bit of a list of stuff to do, now at that stage where I have to decide if I just want to get back on the road asap or drag it out doing more stuff. I'd like to do as much Dynamat as I can afford, at the very least in the doors/rear quarters. I had a felt kit and new rubbers for the front quarter windows to go in but this didn't happen when it was apart as I 'd hoped it might. Might be the time to pull doors apart and do this, and rechrome the quarter window frames as they're a bit rusty. Hmmm. Anyway, here's a couple of random pics. Since I have such a list of things to do it seemed logical to put the venetians in for a test fit! Priorities... Not 100% sure on them, think they'll work when more chrome is back on car. Currently look like too much of a feature. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53947-shifters-51-pontiac-chieftain-talky-stuff/
  12. This car is still impossible to take photos of that accurately show the colour but this vid is probably the best so far... Out in the sun...
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