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flyingbricks 198? Holden WB Ute

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15 hours ago, Mr Vapour said:

Always enjoy updates on this. 

For general knowledge, how much is the cost of the plating. 

Thanks guys!, Haha

Gold zinc passivation (it's electroplating) is pretty cheap. I couldn't comment on actual price per KG (it's sent off by someone else for me) but I get everything done at Terei Brothers in West Auckland.  They are bloody approachable so give them a call and ask any questions directly :-D


Also, be cautious as to what you get done- nothing high tensile or spring related (I'm not even too sure about things like seat rails or this handbrake lever.. I generally assume that if it's available electroplated via aftermarket sources eg my rear caliper handbrake brackets then I don't mind doing it myself )

Any input @cletus about electroplating custom made seat rails etc?



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As per FB, I didn't get pins, I will turn some m10 bolts down to 11/32nd then blacken them and retain with a c clip.

I just can't handle $32 for 4 pins! I know why this cost this much and I'm fine with that but just not when I'm paying.

The part number I ordered is Product Code: JAOD14551

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Hey man. Still need to get a few gauges for it.. to be perfectly honest I can't remember what I decided to do about the indicator lamps..

I think I will use the plastic flat led things, mask off the symbols with professional cut vinyl and spray black then clear (like I did the switches)

I ended up not being happy with those stainless bolt ones.

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Good morning mate.

Wow, have not been here for some time :-D 

So dunno if you follow the two wheel stuff but the timeline was like.

  • I buy a 525 KTM with the goal of getting it road legal
  • I find out It cant be made road legal in NZ as its a SA import with no papers
  • I buy a road legal 530 KTM with the agreement (with wife) that I sell the 525.
  • I find a bloke that will swap both the 525 and the 530 for a Hayabusa.
  • Wife is like, "fuck you, thats not how this was going down, you had 4k for a bike not 8k, we need that money"
  • I hurriedly sell LS/car parts in an attempt to raise the 4k that i'd have otherwise made by selling a bike. It works. She's kinda happy but not really.
  • I get a hayabusa.

tldr I sold most of my really cool shit, but dont regret it.

The ute (And beetle) are definitely on my mind and get thought about a few times each week. When things return to normal (And im not living in the shed) I'll be finishing off the last of the rust repairs and putting the kitset of parts together. No idea on what the engine will be but the allure of an LS has kinda been lost now that I have something fast.



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