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Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000


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23 minutes ago, 64valiant said:

im visiting the mt on fri and sat @HighLUX and if i can grab them from @Kimjon tomorrow on my way over?

Thanks bro that would be so rad if that could happen. Will owe you guys beers when I next see you. Epic.

A mate has offered his Tig welding skills so the Cocktail shakers will be going on

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37 minutes ago, scooters said:


Do you have access to work to do all your builds? 



Nah mate I dont. I mean we can use the workshop and tools but my odd hours mean I cant get here any earlier and I dont wanna hang around after a 12 hour shift so do everything in my shed at home. Got a reasonable amount of tools to get shit done

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  • 3 weeks later...

Snuck in another couple mounts over the last fortnight. Not as productive as id like but progress is progress.

Front of rear guard mount is done just not bolted up. Tank front and rear mounts done.

Made front seat mount later today and will mount up in morning then drill 2 holes in back of rear guard for the seat.

Ive aqquired a Triumph Oil tank from @gazguy which ill be mounting soon. 

Gonna plumb up fuel tank this week then take it for a ride to keep the motivation going then ill remove horseshoe oil tank that has chain clearance issues then mount up Triumph tank and then that should coincide with the header pipes from @Kimjon arriving thanks to @64valiant & @HighLUX and ill take the bike off to my mate Mush for some help mounting the cocktail shakers and making the pipes meet each other all pretty like.

Then just got to mount indicators and number plate and then work out a taillight. Moving forward which is good


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  • 2 weeks later...

Shit photo but got the tallight mounted. In keeping with the spending no money on this thing I used this Ali X Fuck taillight . And also whipped up a small mount for the Cocktail shakers.

Front bullet indicators are mounted and the rear ones should be easy enough.

Next up is Chain guard next week


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