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Found 24 results

  1. This is the thread of my 105e Ford Anglia, last year we got it to the point to be drive-able up to Kaikoura from Christchurch. Its nearly been a year now and i now have my learners license. So i decided to do it up properly as my first car. My discussion: // My Brothers Anglia Fourm: Here is my dads Ford Falcon (XP) Here is the link to the proper journey to Kaikoura in two weeks. Below is how we bought it for $1000 with nearly everything with it. It has around 86-7ish thousand miles on the clock. Before we drove it to Kaiakoura. Once we had it ready we got it registered and we put a warrant on the day we left. After we got home my dad used it for a run about car for a while and then it got parked up for a few months. Now im happy to say that in those few months i drove the car. This was the first car i had ever driven by myself (On the property of course). Now after another few months of sitting there it was my turn to do it up properly so i started the strip down. Everything came off the exterior except the handles and the window washer/wiper motors and also the chrome. And this is how it stood. We took the motor out this weekend. We put the motor in my brothers so it could get re-vinned. This is the only real rust on the car, theres also some on the boot: Im looking for Mk2 Cortina struts (Disc Brake Setup) message me please if you know of any The whole car is now bare metal excluding the roof and the engine bay so it will soon be ready for undercoat. Engine bay almost done My brothers wheels on my car Some pretty exciting news! while cleaning out the garage we found some undercoat. Its in a massive barrel. We tested it to make sure it was fine and it is. So im going hard out on my car at the moment finishing out all of the nitty stuff that i dont want to do A bit of surface rust, i guess this just shows that its been a while... Door jams The under small bit under the front and back guards/wheel wells. And finally the bit above the windows, thats really hard to get into with the wire wheel. So exciting time ahead!
  2. Discuss // Hey OS This is probably going to be a long slow process but ill try post when I can Because we're going to the US later in the year I don't have any moneys to spend on it yet, so im doing what I can for free Bought this van about a month ago Most of the hard work has been done, the panel work is pretty good but the wiring and running gear is not good There's a couple small bubbles of rust, 1 in the r/h door front corner, and one on the corner of the bonnet. I haven't found anywhere else...... yet Heres some starting photos, I borrowed these from the old owner as they are better than dim lit garage pics. Someones modified the dash and made it a 5 dial And this isn't original right?
  3. Hi there I have a 105e, I got her for $500 on my 16th birthday ('91) She is original, 997cc of goodness. She was taken off the road in 02 and will be sitting her WOF in the next few weeks. (Reg is on hold). My plans are a respray, new carpets, some period bucket seats a different carb (prob a weber 2 barrel) and some extractors and I have an exhaust system with 2 cherry bombs waiting to go in when I get the extractors (springtime due to $$) Cheers Felixx
  4. Ford Escort 1976

    So we have my lil 76 Escort here. which has been a looooong build in progres. About 5 years in the making. over the next couple of days I will be making a full build thread but this is the first post.. so enjoy
  5. Discuss // Right lets make a start, I brought a 1980 mk2 escort back in late 2011 for 900 as a runner rough but legal (somehow) standard 1300 thought it was all dandy, these are the only picture I have of it back then lovely amber orange (puke)
  6. Build Thread Anyone have anything they want to ask/ comment about the car feel free. Cool.
  7. gettinroundtuits 1980 ford escort

    In here you all can crucify or praise me for my choice of such a pedestrian form of transport. 2 of my kids love it, no. 3 has a diseased bias towards GMH . Apparently there's no cure for that. Slept on it last night, i'll keep it for a while but the search is on for an avenger wagon, showing my bias now.
  8. Well had this for ages, drove for several years then rust got the better of it. But time has come for restoration
  9. Ben's MKII Escort

    Hey guys, been lurking for a while and thought I should get around to posting a build thread. I bought my Escort about 6 months ago. Previous owner had bought the car from new and drove it until he died. Only 136,000kms, a lot of which were at highway speed between Chch and Rangiora. Interior was in great condition, body had a few scrapes but nothing major and was basically rust free. Probably going to be pretty slow progress to lack of funds, but will hopefully get painted over this summer. Discussion thread
  10. Hey everyone, Better jump on the van wagon band and post a build thread about my mk2 van. Purchased from Alexandra, taken off the road to tidy it up and fix the rust. That was a couple of years ago, so ill play catch up with my posts to get it to the current state. Pretty standard apart from the 1600 and us800 mags. Mags and massive exhaust tip were the first to go This is how it sat before being taken of the road Plan is keep the 1600, panel up the windows and a few other bits
  11. Well this is the new WIP. Watch This Space Also, Sparkle you almost owe me $50 Discussion Thread - //
  12. Gwils - 1966 - Ford Fairmont Brought this car in immaculate condition. Car had been acid blasted and taken back to bare steel. It had then been repainted in a brilliant white. The interior had also been totally reupholstered in white and grey. The original 170 pursuit engine had been replaced with a 250ci out of an XY Falcon. The rest of the running gear is original. The Plans, My intention with this car is to make it into a modern driver. All suspension, breaks and steering will be replaced with RRS replacement parts. Converting steering to rack and pinion with Power steering. Changing all the drum breaks to power disc breaks Changing front suspension to fully adjustable coilovers. Changing rear leaf suspension to a 3 Link set up with adjustable coil over shocks. Rear Diff will be a Ford 9" LSD shortened to fit. Engine will be a ford 302, Recently purchased! 69 302 windsor hencho en mexico block been rebuilt new gasket set, freshly honed bores, 30 thou bores high compression flat top pistons edelbrock 4 barrel inlet 72 heads been lapped crank and bottom end in good condition cobra rocker covers Trans will be a C4 with a quick shifter. Watch this space for progress Also using the car as a wedding car if anyone's interested
  13. Bought this sport back in September 2011. With it needing a few jobs to bring it to standard.
  14. Love to hear from you guys.
  15. I've been looking for ages and many can confirm I'm a fussy bugger but finally found my original untouched 1600 sport. Car is in original condition so there are many little jobs to do to get it back to full glory, Ill endevour to keep you all updated, but for now check out the pics. I have also moved to Napier now so big shout to all the OS boys and girls down here give us a shout. Made the mistake of putting 91 in but quickly remedied the knocking
  16. seems there is a bit of an Escort van thing going on, so here are a few pics of mine, that I bought this week. Has a 2.0 Pinto and type 9 5 speed, and goes pretty much like you would expect one to (now that it gets full throttle and not just the half it had!) Someone has spent a lot of money on it (not me for a change) and it is quite a nice old thing to drive. Thinking about panelling over side windows, and converting to "proper" panel van. Not sure I am sold on the 14" Minilite replicas though. I think I like these old 13x7 Cheviot Tridens with BFG's better, for a bit of 70's style bling! Longer term plan is to fit Mk1 bubble arches, and 15x8 Miniltes. Also sport quarter bumpers, and a couple of big Cibie driving lights. And basically anything else that you did to an old 2.0 Escort!! Conrad discussification thread: //
  17. Cause you just can't have too many old school fords.... Has a 1500 cortina engine fitted. Keen on 1500 GT parts if anyone knows of any. // Discuss
  18. Hi, so this weekend I got a new project car. Have had a Sierra wagon and have a Cortina already as a daily so thought I'd get another Ford and have always wanted a Mk2 Escort. One was for sale in the bay so I thought I'd go give it a look, and came back with this: Mildly rusty Mk2 with a 1300 in it, No wof/rego The mighty 1300 One battery and a clean-up and it was looking better Gave it a flush and some new oil and filters and it was running, definitely needs some new plugs. Had to borrow the battery from the Cortina as it didn't come with one. Ordered in some brushes for the alternator as it's pretty dodgy, should get them in a week or two. First business is fixing the rust so I can take it in for a wof.
  19. This is a fairly recent import from Cali, so nice and dry with a just a few small area's of metal needing attention. The worst being the battery tray and gutter above the windscreen. It's had a mustang engine conversion and although it's nice and straight the welding wasn't quite cosmetically up to scratch so I had the engine pulled out and the welds tidied up. Also the firewall looked like swiss cheese and had multiple holes that needed patching as well. I'm picking up the truck later this week and bringing it home with the engine in the tray. The plan is to paint the engine bay before the motor goes back in. Orange isn't exactly my ideal colour. You can find some photos here of the engine welds that needed tidying: Plus a couple of small rusty bits to attend to. I also had some new leave springs fitted but this has raised the rear quite alot which isn't ideal.
  20. Pabs 55 F100

    // Keen to see more pics of this! I love these old trucks.
  21. Project thread: Hey Mac, that's a nice looking Anglia you've got there. Certainly an interesting choice for a 16 year old. What are your plans for it? Your thread is in the wrong section of the website at the moment, but I'm sure a moderator will move it to the User's Projects / Build Ups section soon. EDIT - Moved
  22. i am the new owner of a 1979 escort wagon estate powered by a blue top 4a-ge tvis motor diff has been tightened diff, exhaust system, electric fan, 5 speed toyots gearbox, 14inch Superlyte alloys and Interior has Fishnet Recaro seats in Grey pics:
  23. This car, i bought for $180 when i was 15, and thrashed around an orchard for a week, then parked it up. 3 years later (now) i decide i need a daily, so the escort has steped up from being an eyesore on the front lawn of one of the rentals, to being my gangsta daily ride. plans: fix all rust, theres a lot. keep primered. lower it hard. chuck a set of mags on it. keep it all legit, whilst retaining its rugged look. i plan to not spend much time/money on this, reason being i want a car that i dont care about so much, which i can park dodgy places/ let people sit on the bonnet without having a fit etc etc