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  1. Got together after the wedding with the owner of the other car and took some cool shots.
  2. Had photos on top of Te Mata peak before the ceremony - with three guys on board the rears were rubbing like mad and she was pretty hot by the time we got to the top!
  3. I got married in Hawkes Bay in August and used the car as one of the wedding cars - drove it myself of course! I managed to find another 2 door GT to use as the other car.
  4. Nice! Mountune have relieved me of much of my hard earned for the Mk2. I have most of the clubsport parts that are no longer available including the wheels that I managed to buy second hand from the UK.
  5. Thanks @browndog! Ah nice - I haven't actually had any experience with a Mk3 RS but I would love one for a daily. Are you rebuilding to stock condition?
  6. Thanks. I am the same with the engine bay - makes the whole car really! As @locost_bryan said its a Mk2 Focus RS. Absolutely amazing car - so much fun! It does look big in comparison.
  7. Thanks. Ha yeah its cool standing back and watching that too as well as chatting to people about it. Everyone seems to have a story about them from a past life.
  8. Ha yes there will always be some that would think its a sin and think it should be restored to factory condition. I can understand where they are coming from and its cool to see cars like that too. It would be boring if we all liked the same thing.
  9. Thanks. You are testing my memory now. It had adjustable struts when I bought the car which are still in it. The cross member is a Escort World Cup cross member that was modified to work and the steering rack is an Escort quick rack. I think Retro Ford in the UK do a complete kit for it which would be a good option.
  10. Nice! That sounds like a beast. I bet it sounded sweet! Have you seen it some time between 2015 and now?
  11. Thanks! Its great fun to drive too!
  12. So coming back to this thread I have only just realised that the build and discussion are separate and I had missed the comments everyone has made I am a complete amateur on this forum! I thought it was very quiet! Will respond to them in the discussion.
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