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  1. Was wondering how this little beast was getting on, keep up the good work!
  2. Left to do; • Install air filter, need couple screws • Fit dipstick • Alter wiring loom to suite • Install starter - needs a repair • Install choke cable - on order
  3. Slowing coming together New thermo housing, stant rad cap, RS2000 alternator bracket, later had to remove and throw cortina one on, RS2000 type won't work with lucas acr style, bracket fowls alternator. Blue themeDays work, helps having basically everything on hand after planing swap for 8 years....
  4. @cletusHey mate, any reason these would run into issues when certing a car for an engine conversion?
  5. Its a miracle! Only took about 8 years to get the engine in the hole....
  6. Ok the shop is finally ready to take van to carry out a few bits of welding and getting engine sitting in the bay, will update when I get it back, progress!
  7. As a group are we interested in visiting and/or
  8. Reproduction c pillar trims and mirror cover, look bloody good
  9. Unhooked things Cut things Hit things with hammer Just sitting in there for a look, good width
  10. Yes I'm finally getting my ass into gear....