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  1. ESKIN8R

    ESKIN8R's Mk2 1981 Escort Panelvan

    Yeap the very same head
  2. Paint came out pretty good, nice and bright Comments/ suggestions Fire Away!
  3. Well I got me another van Plans are bright yellow, chrome bumpers, Mexico front lip, fishnets, 13x6 superlites and a 2lt Pinto + 5 speed type 9.
  4. ESKIN8R

    ESKIN8R's Mk2 1981 Escort Panelvan

    bye bye sewing machine engine
  5. Well had this for ages, drove for several years then rust got the better of it. But time has come for restoration
  6. ESKIN8R

    ESKIN8R's 1980 Escort mk2 1600 Sport

    Reproduction c pillar trims and mirror cover, look bloody good
  7. ESKIN8R

    ESKIN8R's Mk2 1981 Escort Panelvan

    Unhooked things Cut things Hit things with hammer Just sitting in there for a look, good width
  8. ESKIN8R

    ESKIN8R's Mk2 1981 Escort Panelvan

    Yes I'm finally getting my ass into gear....
  9. ESKIN8R

    ESKIN8R's 1980 Escort mk2 1600 Sport

    Finally got a boot spoiler sorted, after buying the second original that was not good enough decided to try the reproduction out of Australia, after hearing mixed reports on the quality I was relieved to find they are in fact bloody awesome!
  10. ESKIN8R

    Northland boys, meet?

    I'm heading to the Waipu car show this weekend if anyone's keen? /theres always jimmy jacks for ribs
  11. These guys have a great product, Silver are the correct stripes for your car too, same as mine.
  12. Ford badge|Plat_Gen%3AMK+II&hash=item25dbddc63b:g:TG4AAOSwA3dYfqO7 Escort Badge I have a spare 1.6 badge if you need. Door cards Recommend this book if you are trying for original restoration And i'm based in Whangarei, owned mine for 12 coming up 13 years.
  13. Have a look at my build thread, plan is to be on the road this year, shout out if you need any bits or want to know where to get them.
  14. Race you to get car on road first hah
  15. Discuss //
  16. ESKIN8R

    ESKIN8R's 1980 Escort mk2 1600 Sport

    Tidied up the pedal box, new pedal rubbers and the grommet for the brake rod at the back.
  17. Hey guys, anyone know about stainless brake lines and the legality in NZ? Looking at these Don't want to have to cert or anything. Can I pass wof with em? Cheers
  18. ESKIN8R

    666DAN's 1980 Mk2 Escort Discussion

    Looks like driveshaft universal letting go led to box failure?
  19. ESKIN8R

    Mk2Marty's 1976 Escort Moredoor Discussion

    Hey man, the needle rollers and layshaft are all available new, I purchased them recently for my gearbox rebuild. Happy to send you the links for future reference