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  1. Dropping the wagon off at Flamin panel and paint in Hamilton to get some Colour layed down
  2. Bigger tunnel done to take the 5 speed sierra box behind the zetec
  3. Got the new door skins all sorted and now ready to start getting the panel gaps all mint
  4. Got a Brand new bonnet from motorsports tools in the UK and it fits up real good
  5. Nice lineup of escorts being built at Craig’s shop
  6. Got the new front end panel all welded up and looking good
  7. Some rust was uncovered on the guard mounting points when the front end was off so Craig got that all sorted
  8. Dropped it off at Craig Howser panel and performance to get the body sorted. First thing was getting the front end apart.
  9. Got it back from the sand blasters with slightly less holes than expected
  10. The wagon was fully stripped and loaded ready to go to sand blasting
  11. The day had come where there was not much else to do but pull all the suspension out of wagon. It all came out pretty easily dropping the rear end first and then pulling out the front crossmember with everything still attached.
  12. After the engine was out I thought I would have a go at taking out some interior, the plan for the day was just to take out the seats and maybe the carpet but ended up having most of the Interior stripped by the end of the day
  13. After sitting for about 6 months it was time to pull her apart. The first thing on the list was the engine, it was out in a couple of hours with no major problems
  14. Hey I’m new to oldschool but want to share the entire build of my 1980 mk2 ford escort estate and thought this would be the best place to do so. We picked her up a couple of years ago so that I could have a project throughout my high school years.
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