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    i left this thing sitting in the corner whilst i painted the engine bay on the crown. now thats done i dredged up some enthusiasm from somewhere and got back into this thing. couple of weeks ago i drew up a fan shroud and got it cut and folded. yesterday i got it to fit (had to massage a scallop into it to to clear the radiator hose) and put it all back together. today i drove 450Ks in it up and down the morotways of acukland. was a beautiful day with clear free running tarmac the whole day. quite enjoyed it tbh. temps were fine but i never got into any type of traffic really to test it, i was just sitting on the hundy for hours at a time. when i got home i sat at the lights and it seemed to be coping but ill do more traffic based testing over the next few days. its worth noting that the ambient temps are at least 10 degrees lower than they were last time i drove it so youd think it would be better. anyway after today the engine seems happier to rev and feels a bit more free. ill put another 500 odd Ks on it and see what happens next. also took it through a carwash in bombay (water restrictions in auckland have shut down all car washing both private and public) because it was fucking filthy as you can see. 2020-05-20_05-20-08 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-05-20_05-20-00 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-05-21_03-43-38 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Both back sections of the floor done. Has an exhaust tunnel through it to suit a duel 2" system, should be able to tuck it right up above the chassis rails. Sills and chassis rails are now the lowest point in the middle section of the car. Made a rear strut brace to strengthen the upper shock mounts and to accommodate the extra load of coilovers. Made the exhaust tunnel through the front foot well too. Notched out the crossmember above the diff for clearance. Made a mount for a Wilwood pedal box, need to figure out where to put the reservoirs and move the accelerator pedal over a little. Raised the spare wheel well up 60mm to fit a larger fuel tank. Was a good chance to also drill out the spot welds on that centre mount and tidy up the rust that was forming in between.
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    Been daily driving this junk. Its amazingly horrible Likes the cold. 154kw at wheels, uncorrected 15 deg c
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    Collected the manifold today. Measured up and the runners are a fair bit bigger. Should flow less badly than stock
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    got my tank back from paint today and couldn't resist sitting it on with the subframe and seat to have a glimpse of what its going to be like. got me pining to get it all together
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    Seals arrived from Canada, can’t wait to Chuck the screens in and go for a drive!
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    the pot belly black paint dont work. 2020-05-19_06-08-42 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Bout time I put up a post for the on going evolution of this build, a few years ago discussed with the mrs what car she wanted to build and she wanted an hq, we put it on the 5 year plan... 3 months later im working out on site at one of contacts powerstations and got talking cars, got wind of an un finished project a mate of the site fitter had sitting in a shed, que a few calls and some $$ changing hands it came home with us, its been evolving ever since, initially we spent 8 weeks and plenty of $$ getting it back to roadworthy with the 202 and 3 on the tree, since then its had my 327 chev and a fully built th700 fitted, then i picked up a vz ss ls1 cheap so makes sense to ls swap it since i run CWS specialising in wiring them, so out came the 327 and in went the ls1 mid lockdown 4 weeks later iv just fired it up, will endeavour to post up more pics of the project build but heres a few of various stages from when we 1st brought it in pieces to how it is now with the LS1
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    One side of the exhaust is all together, will get some black paint before final fitting Front Pipe Tail pipe in mid build Finished tail pipe L Lots of time spent putting all the bits together. The second side should be much faster as there is more space around the tank and because we have an idea where the pipe will go. I haven't decided if I'm going to run a cross over pipe, probably see how loud it is, also if it sounds funny. All the other Holden V8's I have had were dual exhaust with a balance pipe. The other thing I finished was the Steering wheel and adapting the ring off the LC Torana steering wheel to the EJ Wheel. Both wheels have the same spline and depth so that was a good start. I had to grind off part of the center of the wheel to get the plastic ring to fit. Then made up a spacer to hold the ring off the bottom of the wheel. I didn't take photos because grinding with a power file looked like a hungry rat had been busy. The self cancelling worked perfectly, but no circuit through to the horn. After dicking around, pulling stuff apart I found the wires under the dashboard hadn't been connected. A couple of connectors and all tests out OK. Still have to buy a horn to make noise. The guy with the Hillman Imp van is booked to do the Windscreen and rear window next week. I'm going to chase Robinson's Instruments for my fuel sender and the auto sparkie for teh alternator tomorrow. Also going to order the drive box for the speedo, the Dakota Digital one has a lot of good reviews. Just weighting for the Visa card to roll to get the bill in to next month. Here's a photo of the steering wheel
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    Not sure I mentioned I have a NOS front screen from the defunct geraldine Nissan dealer? I got a B210 one too and sold that to recover cost. Still in the brown paper wrapping! the rear screen I have always had spare, but it’s much better than the old scratched one in the car.
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    done most of the testing over the last 2 days. going to take awhile to put all the info together. found some interesting stuff. the peaches didn't do as bad as you would think haha
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    New speedo cable, wiper blades and now shes ready to go for a vin. Off in the morning. Also just got this today, bit of a drawing got done for the mrs xmas present haha turned up a bit late but shows the sorta look we going for this long term. Yarn away
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    Pics of the water heating and 32/36 on a redrilled hollley adapter
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    been hanging out waiting for some stuff to arrive. frame and wheels and a few other little bits came back from powder coat. turned out so good couple little bits of pitting but once the motors in you won't see those also got my seat back from lewis what is amazing couldn't recommend him enough. also some moto gadget barend and pin indicators came in got a modern motorcycle speedo and tail light but haven't got photos, currently the carbs are getting vapour blasted and im waiting on a top end gasket and seal kit for the motor to come in so I can rebuild that and paint it and then I can start putting the bike together, and make the last few parts for it, exhaust, battery box etc
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    Not much happening with this, got it legal and drove it around a bit over christmas break. Had a few new wheel days Put the streets on for a change Finally fixed a front guard, to replace the one that had an incident with the wall at hampton downs about 5 years ago. pretty good for a spray can job Got another pair of 14x7 03's from old mate @Dudley . Finished polishing them, and some antique gold. after digging out the other pair i'd been hording, they needed same treatment. guard slightly different colour, but will do for now /forever. maybe in another 5 years will fix the bonnet Back to the OG look from 10 years ago except for 7's instead of 6.5's
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    Brought this tonight. Everything works runs prety good Fairly tydy shes a jem soooo plains are.. 1.Some fresh fuel 2.give a good clean polish crome 3. Have taken for a quick ride went well. But give a good run and see whats the go 4. I have a tail light lense so will chuck that on too
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    Post drag day have been daily driving to work, broken another 2 t5 gearboxes one blew a 3rd syncro the other sounded like an angry chipmunk so now running on a Frankenstein box made from 3 parts boxes, iv decided to splash out and get a jzx110 r154, waiting for my billet adaptor to gm bellhousing to arrive from the states and will be getting it fitted up and the clutch modified again, bonus is shifter in the right spot and cube speed short shifter off the shelf but need to make a new longer halfshaft, cue the i need a lathe for ....things talk with the Mrs (too late its already ordered) (also the you need another gearbox why?) haha
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    The cams make it lovely driving anything under 30kph, and the gearing makes it a delight to drive over 80kph
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    Daily driving vibratey sparten interior old cars is the way of the future
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    Look, I hate to be the one to have to point this out but.... Rotary. Your welcome.
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    Glued the last piece down and chopped out the speaker hole. I'll borrow a sewing machine for the final covering or layer. It won't be less bright than this one
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    Picked up a seal kit and new pistons for the calipers. Once the new front hoses arrive I'll give the calipers a birthday. It gets a bit touchy on the first few stops and the brakes aren't as good as they used to be. Rear stuff is all new (3?years ago) so I'm picking it'll be a sticky caliper
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    Airbrush rota art is awesome. Please replicate. Cool having a bit of the history with the car. Makes for better sharns when out and about! /sidesharn #lingor When I sold my last Moggy Minor, I was the 4 owner, but it had only been owned by 3 old ladies prior. (Cool story bro) It then changed hands a few times and popped up at a car show in Auckland. I was like “oh cool, my old Moggy!” But the new owner was very scathing of this remark and corrected me by saying it had only had 3 old ladies owners before him. I played along for a bit before getting my phone out and showing him the car in my garage sandwiched between a couple of Mazda’s. He was a little sheepish after that. Twat. Disclaimer: this has to be one of my best/worst side sharns that is completely irrelevant to thread. Sorry/not sorry.
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    I've found a Cain manifold locally for not a bad price I'll go collect it this week. My searching for 2 barrels that aren't hollys hasn't been successful so far. Also I don't like fucking around with jets and emulsion tubes etc etc I figured a tbi setup will be moderately less shit than a carb and heaps easier to tune. Ages ago a got a black injected 202 dizzy for a steal. I got a couple of spare hei modules for my old chevy van off aliexpress because cheap and spares. They provide a nice tach output and coil ignitor in one. I barried up a quick test tonight as a proof of concept and it does work with the 202 pickup. I didn't get a tach output but also don't have a 4 pin plug so couldn't probe stuff https://i.imgur.com/lF946ez.gifv
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    finished the zorst and put it all back together. still got a couple of little things to do. im going to redo the battery terminal wiring and make a new battery bracket. also going to upgrade the coil. 2020-05-17_03-30-48 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-05-17_03-30-56 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-05-17_03-31-05 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Just needed a bulb. Too easy
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    in today's installment of I'm a tightarse and a Barry 1x $20 clearance muffler. 3" inlet and twin 2.5" outlet. Thats not going to work with the 2.25" piping chop the ends off you don't need chop a piece of plate the right size and hot metal glue it wang the 2.5" end over the 3" taper bit and weld that up too. accidentally do a okay looking weld bit of flap disc and paint love and its as good as new!
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    Had some yarns with henry at Auckland cams yesterday. We debated if we went for a stage 2.5 or three and ended up on 3. Should have a bit of a noticeable idle and wake it up a bit more everywhere else Picked up this lot today Let the 202 turd polishing begin. I'll slowly collect parts and will pull the motor and give it a refresh in the the future. My goal is to have it 'feel' faster than my worn out sohc honda motor with 300 thousand km on it. Maybe even break through the 20 sec 1/4 mile mark. I'll keep a eye out for a weber to replace the stock stromberg. I'd like to keep it as stock looking as possible in the bay Cam specs
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    While I’m waiting for my Mk 1 GT 2 Door to come back from the paint shop. I’m going to build this into a rat build. Anyone got any experiance with a satin clear coat over what’s there on the exterior? Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/72206-66gt’s-rat-mk-1-cortina/
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    Go ahead ask build questions or comment here Build thread
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    Ugliest steering wheel in the world? Maybe. I’m kinda into it. Got a knob for a Mazda 6 5 speed on the way. The Mrs has the 6 speed Mazda 6 (Matching his and hers knobs. Cus that doesn’t sound weird) And I’ve got a bit of a plan to tie that colourwise to the wheel and gator boot. Hoping to find some proceed/marvie doors with factory leccyness I can pillage and liberate parts from.
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    So this ^ came up on trademe when I searched for a TAV 30 cvt. Someone started a neat little project, trying to make a wakeboard winch. But lacked the tools/skills to finish it. I was happy with just the motor, but looking at all the parts, its pretty much all you need to make a drift trike already...so yeah...why the fuck not eh. A bit of figuring out and yip, I can make this work. The rotor is designed to fit on a wheel hub, but they're expensive, so I'm using this sprocket carrier off the winch drum. Saves buying an extra hub at $120/a pair. Full send, no turning back now. I cut a spigot into the mounting face to centralize the rotor (not shown). Then drilled new mounting holes. Fuck yeah. Hydraulic brakes!!! Here's some of the goodies off the wakeboard drum. I ordered a single hub to fit the axle and that's about all I need to buy. More to come...
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    Too late. 12a Bridgeport it is. I went through the paperwork today and found the wof sheet from the end of 2018. Looks like the hilux diff may need Cert. It’s currently got a green sticker on it. Hopefully the reason for failure isn’t still in system and they overlook the diff for the wof
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    the set of extractors i ordered for it arrived. some assembly required. 2020-05-11_06-07-15 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-05-11_06-07-27 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    I'm still working on this. Havent had as much time as others, as I've been working from home during lockdown. I sanded back all the guide coat and spot printed areas where I hit metal. Will give this a final sand and then its onto color. Pretty keen to get this done. Well and truly over block sanding.
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    Been a busy few weeks of lockdown. One of the issues the car had i wasnt happy with was the fuel system. Someone had made new alloy hardlines at some point and instead of using a bender to form the bends they must of used pliers or something so there was a heap of crimped bends with restrictions in the fuel line which aint good for noone! To top it off one of the fittings decided it would leak on/off sporadicall, one day it would and the next it wouldnt. Decided to rip it all out and go new braided line system front to back. Got a full setup 247 fittings and black teflon lined braid from Motorsport plumbing supplies and set about remaking it all. Have relocated filter and regulator to boot (run a dead head type return system) and mounted it all on a alloy panel for tidyness. Excuse the disgusting looking boot it needs a repaint in there ha, on the to do list! Got it all back together and fired up last night, no leaks which was i was stoked about ha! The lines under the car where roughly attached previously with the brake lines just cable tied to them which aint ideal! Got a heap of black billet 247 Fitting clamps and clamped the fuel and brake lines under the car which turned out alot tidier. While that was all being done i whipped out the old gearbox crossmember which was a work of art! Someone had used a galv bomex type builders bracket (with logo and barcode still attached hah!) to construct the xmember Got my mate Gav from Precision Workz to fab me up a new one which is 1000% tidier and stronger. \ Anyways thats todays update!
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    Made up a dolly out of some Unistrut I had and found 4 decent sized castors as well. 2 have brakes and the other 2 have swivel lock pins. Probably a bit overboard however the wheel track width is the same as the car so no problems getting on and off the trailer. Rip the suspension out this week and get it on the dolly and over to the blaster next week.
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    THIS FUCKING TIME! On recommendation from some other painters who do home jobs outside work, I went with Baslac 2k and high solid through RA Johnstone. its fucking sweet, covered like a boss. I gave them the tin with the dregs from the first time I painted it a few years ago and it seems a good match. Haven’t had it in the sun yet but wag better than the orangey metalux stuff I’ve been spraying and sanding off lol i changed up my style a bit and whipped the bonnet and boot off to reduce overspray dry spots. Shot Michael laid on a 60% foundation coat after flicking come on any rub throughs or dark patches and let it go tacky then 2 decent coats and a final, 20% thinned full-bore last coat. i got a moth stuck in the first coat and a flake of paint off the masking but both were recoverable. otherwise it went perfectly. it has a tiny peel to it but it might flatten out after the fact, the heaters and lights are still on in the shed.
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    Chopped the crooked face plate onto the port and cut a new face plate Marked out the appropriate circle with a bit of cardboard with a hole in the appropriate place I don't have a jigsaw or router so barried my way through
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    That's not the os way! Why but ready made when you can spend way more time effort and money for a shitter result
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    Test fit of coil overs, all clears everything. Next job will be make some top mounts, and strengthen the shock mount Springs might be a bit soft but that's easy to sort out later if it's a problem, they are just some springs I had in stock off some coilovers
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    Van is now back in the workshop in readiness for some long weekend loving.
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    Still got this. Still no wof. Did a scrap run the other week(month) I forgot how slow the 202 was, its getting smokey and fumey and is due for a refresh. Instead of pulling it out I'll assemble the mighty 253 and put that in eventually one day. I figure it'll be just as slow but v8 noises will make up for it. I'm toying the idea of injecting the 253. Looking at either a Holly quadrajet injection thing or doing a low buck megasquirt build. Keeping the carb is probably smarter with the amount I drive it but efi is so much nicer to live with. If anyone had a v8 m20 four speed for sale or knows where I can get one for not moonbeams let me know
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    The cam was toast so I got it reground. Towing/4wd spec m8. I sold the extra heads and Pistons that came with the hoard with the intention of getting new valve springs but bills happened. I figured since the 202 sounded horrible the old barry trick of draining the oil and filling the sump with diesel couldn't hurt it. I ran it for about 15 minutes and drained it. Both the oil and diesel were super dirty when it came out so it was full of crap. New filter and fresh oil and it's heaps quieter now which I'm happy with. Of course I disposed of the oil/diesel mix in the appropriate manner
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    Nothing like not being able to sleep and getting frustrated in the garage because you keep fucking things up due to being tired.... I then realized I forgot some parts Getting better... Thought I'd check the valve stem seal o rings... They are all pinched. cunts of things and back apart again. Any tips on not fucking the orings? or does anyone have a less wobbly valve spring tool? Nest question is assembling the roller rockers in the correct orientation. I can't find any destructions with the parts and a 2 minute google isnt helpful I'll take the cam(s) into the cam guy on the way past tomorrow and see what he says
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    Because everyone loves maintenance shots here is the new water pump and rad hoses Since the van wont be ready for anything I wan to take it to I thought i'd barry up the next best thing. Enter the finest pallet wood and old sign I just need to make a "door" and a shield against the cab in case it gets windy/rainy
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