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Farking freeze plugs!


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Having major difficulty installing 20mm freeze plugs into 13b intake manifold coolant ports (engine in car), very limited swing for hammer. Dont have an engine crane to remove engine.

Considering tapping to M22 and using threaded plugs instead but min hole size is supposed to be 20.73mm, although its only aluminium so I might get away with it? Taps will be fkn expensive though for a one off job.

Why has no one made a 90deg battery hammer?

Any ideas before i go buy an engine crane?

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57 minutes ago, Beaver said:

Can you press it in? Brace against something and use a jack/something to press it in?

Along similar lines but maybe build a massive g clamp out of scrap steel an pull against the far side of the engine?  Or a bolted plate to something solid on the engine.. 

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How much space we talking. What about a long bolt, with a nut, and a section of pipe between nut and plug. Wind nut off the bolt, to push pipe on to plug and bobs your uncles dog. Just thought of that, so there could well be downsides I haven't had time to consider.

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But seriously, some sort of expansion tool might be needed cause getting those fuckers in without an easy swing with a good hammer is a real trick - dont reckon opening the hole out is a good idea either, future you/owners will be cursing that plug that doesnt for ever.

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3 hours ago, azzurro said:

dont worry, wont be flat when you finished pushing it with abolt or making room for the back swing on the persuader  :)

Have you considered

a crane?

Jb weld?

10 propellors?


Newtech and newspaper?

fresh underseal with dirt in it?

lower it more?

Turbo 6 falcon?

Turbos with eagers?

more jandal?

Have we found an edge case scenario where the OS standard answers do not apply, thereby proving they are in fact fundamental laws of the universe by exception?

I etched 'go hard for what you are' on the plug, didn't work but may have collapsed a parralel universe. 

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Just now, GuyWithAviators said:

Chuck the plug in the freezer overnight and blowtorch the block? 

Tried freezing the plug, no change, this is all on the front housing where there is more swing room. The rubber things with the nut may be the way as have room on the other side, nut can sit in manifold coolant port perhaps 

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