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Bringing back faded plastic


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What do you guys use. 

Some chalky stuff I will sand if it's a smooth finish, and polish it out, or you can use heat to bring the oils up. Though I have some plastics that have totally dried out and can't be brought back. 

Seen some people using boiled linseed oil and seems to come up good, reapply every few months. 

Turtle wax stuff seems to go streaky after a day or two


I've been using this solution finish. It's expensive but has come up pretty good on part faded plastics. Here's some real faded scooter plastics I'm using it on, been in the sun probably 12 years and going chalky. Needs a couple application's to fully go black, just rubbing it into the texture with a cloth

I'm pretty sure it's boiled linseed oil and carbon, but dries clean. Might try my own mix



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The top rear lights on my Volvo 850 have faded to white, the colour is still there, but the outside is faded. I sand it back and apply all sorts of things...tyre shine, furniture polish, vaseline, it brings them up nice, but not shiny. I've tried clear, but it doesn't last, I'll try a headlamp clear next...but if it doesn't last then I have to sand it off again. Tyre shine takes 10 seconds and lasts 2 weeks.

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