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  1. See my previous post. Try is the important word here...if I could I would.
  2. This is what my rear lights look like. With some linseed oil. You can still get the lower lamps, and fitted new ones a couple of weeks ago, top ones are hard to find.
  3. The top rear lights on my Volvo 850 have faded to white, the colour is still there, but the outside is faded. I sand it back and apply all sorts of things...tyre shine, furniture polish, vaseline, it brings them up nice, but not shiny. I've tried clear, but it doesn't last, I'll try a headlamp clear next...but if it doesn't last then I have to sand it off again. Tyre shine takes 10 seconds and lasts 2 weeks.
  4. Buggered if I know...he's probably got it around the back of the house, and they need a reason to search. I'll have to hope for the next Meth bust. I've put it back in my name twice now, so he's probably got a heads up that somethings wrong. If that's the case he'll get a new plate for it,easy enough. I wasn't putting WoFs on it anymore, but had put a new axle in it 15 years ago - all I really want is the axle so I can build a new trailer.
  5. Wondering if I could find the location of an AVIC. Last year over lockdown I spent my days cutting down some trees. I couldn't take them to the tip, or down to my mates to put through his big chipper...so they sat in my trailer. Which was then stolen. Must've been for the firewood, and then sold to someone. Obviously he doesn't know it's stolen, and has registered it in his name. The cops have seen the trailer, know who it is....and that's that. They won't tell me where it is, but not in my town....although one asked if we had seen it, like maybe we should've if it's close to us. Anyway, it got a WoF earlier this year. I've asked the identity of the issuing station, but even though we are an AVIC, they won't tell us. I'm not wanting to get anyone into trouble, not even the name of the place, just a location so I atleast have an idea - it may be in the next town...or on another island, I'd just like to know where. AVIC ID is N17. Not an MS number, so I'm picking a VTNZ or such like.
  6. Snow tyres are really good on gravel, almost like a rally tyre - stiff sidewalls and a sharp edge to sweep the gravel going sideways.
  7. Motu

    Su carbs

    How high have you got the jet wound up ? It shouldn't be much above the bridge if at all. Have these been rebuilt ? Jets centered ? Will need a strip to do that. A book of needles would be good....but of course the ones you need won't be available. But with the book you can get something close.
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