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Eastcapescapade 2021 November 12th, 13th, 14th

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Unreal few days. Thanks again John and everyone else who made it happen!

Rode a 250 this year. Good times. Sore bum coz DogRooter seats are horrific. Quite interesting riding the whole way to and from the ride. Would recommend. Saw a whole lot more backroad nz than I would have otherwise and picked up a lot more bike handling skills. Trusting reasonably aggressive and soft knobblies on tarmac is pretty hard to get into but they're able to be pushed fairly solidly. Nice

Always a great ride. More or less forget about whatever else is going on in the world around you and just chill and ride. Love it. Meet lots of grouse people at the places we go. Lots of laughs and comerardery.

Everything was amazing. So many good memories made.

Even the dank as fuck te araroa campsite was lush. 


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14 minutes ago, HighLUX said:
  • Pink Pussy with a splash of PG
  • Drinking hut and left to rot projector room at the TA motorcamp
  • Horse attached to a cars towbar on a main highway taking it for a walk
  • Boomer on harley trike running over his own helmet

Just IRL lols remembering these things. That boomer didn't even seem to care about running over that helmet!

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Ohope turned it on for us on Thursday





@Itchybear was lucky enough to find the only Hilux in gizzy that didn’t have a bull bar on it.



Te Araroa:


That’s the highlights package off my phone. @MopedNZ I’ll get my GoPro back today and start seeing if I got anything remotely decent for you. I definitely didn’t get as much as other years, but I think I got you have some good moments haha

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On 15/11/2021 at 21:49, johnnyfive said:

One thing I would like to mention though, I'd heard a rumour on Saturday night that someone from a group I'm not familiar with, breached the Waikato boundary to join us. 

I asked around a little on Sunday with little success. So if anyone can discredit or confirm this, I wouldn't mind talking to the individual.

I forgot to readdress this. 

I did speak to the individual last week, and from what he'd explained, was that he was residing outside of the Waikato boundary, but had travelled to his personal property inside the Waikato boundary to tend to it, adhering to whatever rules or permits applied at that time (I don't know).

Probably redundant now regardless, as I understand there is no Waikato boundary any longer? 

I'm unsure if anyone was particularly concerned by this whole thing or not, but there it is, as I know it anyway.

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