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VK304's 1988 Nissan Vanette w/ added SR20DET


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Very loose wheel nuts on left front wheel lol luckily diddnt damage anything too bad ,

and yes im trying to come up with a better setup, its the biggest diff that came on these, h190 in theory should be able to hold the power with it being rated to 285 lb. Ft., the engine in stock form is 220 lb.ft. 

I dont like the setup though and am improving it


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I thought when I watched the video the sounds were coming from a wheel because the frequency of the sound didnt match the speed of anything in frame.

Glad you've found it, this thing must be loose to drive. My dad had a C20 vanette for years and mum had one like your original one when were were little kids, was the only 7 seater they could afford!

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3 minutes ago, cletus said:

Bear in mind if you are going to fit lowering blocks the whole lot will be quite close to the ground 

I heard a sharn about some larakin who popped a pair on a slammed truck with slapper bars. Ones the tyres had been released to atmosphere, the slapper bars hit the ground. Such unacceptable behavior!

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My 2c.

Make some good solid clamps for the front of the leaf spring pack.

I also made some bars that went from the top of the axle tubes to the chassis, like the top half of a 4 link set up. Just make sure the distance of your new arms is the same as center to center as the front spring eye to the center of your axle.

It worked well for my car, I used the watts links off a falcon with the pivot cut in half  and welded to the axle tubes. It kept everything up above the ground.

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