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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo


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19 minutes ago, Roman said:


Ahhh yeah but only because I've gone through the 1000s of hours of suffering to get to that point haha. 

I got the gearbox back together today, but man it fought me all of the way. 
I finally got the little reverse lever thing in place, then was ready to lower the box down and it would only go so far then stop. 
I wrestled it for ages, couldnt figure out what was stopping it from going in any further. I gave up and pulled it all back apart.
I found that one of the cylindrical bearing (balls? cylinders?) tipped over out of its cage, so the end of one of the shafts was sitting up on it. 
Once I put it all back in place, it all went together and dropped down in place without too much protest. 

You're lucky you stopped there, i've heard of people pulling the two halves of the box together with the bolts, and have it break the housing.

Still loving this project :thumbleft:

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Oh god, cracking the housing would be awful haha.

It's a big relief that it's all together and goes through all of the gears fine. 

Super keen to take it for a drive again soonish! 
I've got fingers and toes crossed that the synchros in this box will be a little better than the other one.

If the C152 synchros are the same as C56, I might punish myself some more and rebuild that other box with the good synchros. 
As that original Echo box just shifted so damn good, only problem was that everything else about it was awful haha.

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About 3 weeks till Taupo trackday 


I've nearly finished my loom, just need power wires to ECU and connect some stuff back in before I can power up and test things. 
I'm not going to win any awards on instagram for my wiring techniques however I'm getting better with practice. My branch lengths suck but some I can shorten up later.
Learning some lessons for next time, anyway. It is considerably nicer looking on both sides of the firewall, anyway.


Looks yuck at the plug end when you dont have a boot over it, but will be hidden and will get some strain relief by cable tying the loom further up.

Also @Testament finished making me this absolutely friggen excellent alternator bracket on his CNC.
This time everything is about twice the thickness so hopefully it lasts.
It really does need to be beefy to prevent bending issues. I really underestimated it with the last one. 


Current issues are that I need a shorter throttle cable, to suit that I've flipped the throttles.
These cars have a weird cable mounting arrangement at the firewall end. 
So older toyotas usually have a 2 bolt flange, mounted from drivers side.  Vitz/Echo just clips into place from the motor side.
Even same era 1ZZ cars have a bolt on flange.
So a cable from an earlier car doesnt work, and later model cars moved to e-throttle. 
I bought an earlier corolla's cable that's the right length to see if I could make it work, but it wont. 
It looks like a cable from an SCP10 Vitz would perfect. But I cant get to Auckland to get one from pick a part. 
None in Tauranga.

There are a few in Wellington, though.
Is anyone heading to Wellington pick a part soonish and could pinch me a cable? 
Needs to be a throttle cable from an SPC10 with the 1.0 litre engine that looks like this 

Toyota Vitz SCP10

I can make the current cable somewhat work but it wont be a good long term solution. 
However I really need to get this motor going and test that the gearbox is okay, and all that. 
Making good progress.

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Haha, nah. 
Just the jaws from the oil filter tool. 

When I was putting the motor together initially I dropped one of the head bolt washers down an oil gallery... all the way into my freshly sealed on sump.
Need to get to a bolt underneath the oil filter thread thing to get it back off.

So a brand new filter ends up looking a bit second hand.

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