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Molesworth Moped Melee, 5th, 6th. 7th march 2021

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Cut off?

Probably two weeks before?

Although it's an "organized ride", it's a public road. So anyone is free to join us. Koha/entry fee will cover a sticker/some gas for back ups and BBQ lunch. Otherwise its very much a paddle your own waka type deal. (Sort accommodation etc)   

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That detail still needs to be sorted. 

The people at 5he camp where we used to hold Hanmeet (with whom @- i5oogt -  enjoys an excellent rapport) reckon they almost had the place sold. But we'll either approach the new owners, or find somewhere else. Might be a small cost attached to that.  

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3 hours ago, sentra said:

im in, peter t is in. any other north islanders?

can someone please hold us to task on this.


I would like to say im going but looking at how much I have progressed with my ct I think it will be years until it is going

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Rode my pushbike to work for the first time this week, appointment to see the surgeon tomorrow to get the all clear to start physio. 

WR250R is now paid off so I can start eyeing up other options. If anyone is keen on my FT500 project (rego on hold) I'd love to exchange it for a lifan'd (or similar) beauty. 


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I'm looking at heading down with my ute and perhaps a trailer (if the bike numbers add up beyond 3 bikes) from Hamilton on the Thursday, then back on the Monday. I need to start planning as part of the fizz build up process. Any interest in throwing a bike at me, preferably not literally?

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