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Feel free to tell me to go fuck myself, (I'd be offended if you didnt tbh) but thinking about this whip, 

Once you're finished with it, you could.turn.it into cash, and pump that into.paying someone to finish the body on your 110. 

Maybe you could.drive to OS nats 2013. 

(Os 20th anniversary)

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2 hours ago, kiwi808 said:

Looking good mate. Looking forward to taking it for a hoon.

Also, are those fast back tops available or is the cunt to get part because they are a cunt to get haha.

There's a guy in Argentina who makes an OK one now but.. 


..he's in Argentina. 

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5 hours ago, BlownCorona said:

the way mx5s are going, this will out value the 110 by 2023 and and he'll pull all the panels off this instead :grin:

I guess at least with this one the roof structure can't rust underneath so that's a bonus. 

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