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Te Urewera Undertaking, 2020 Nov 27th, 28th, 29th.

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28 minutes ago, Beaver said:

Have had to pull the pin on the riding part of this weekend, but I will still be in Gisborne tomorrow night, and Waikaremoana on Saturday night, and likely tail you during the day on Saturday. Looking forward to some punishing sharns and refreshing beverages. All whilst knowing I will be sitting in air conditioned luxury transport during the day.

You're banned cunt!

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15 minutes ago, Thphantum said:

Where are you?

I was in a GMC pickup going the other way back to Auckland. I'm in my shed now


lol BIG CAM.


Dunno why this happened. I was cruising at 90 the whole way. Maybe when I was messing with the head something got in the guide or something. Weird.




Was Gona work all night and ride to Gisborne in the morning, but I only have oversized valves here

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Can't even think straight




I think it must have slipped the timing chain(somehow I dunno it was timed correctly and adjusted fine, tho I had earplugs in so if it got loose for no Reason who knows) or the inlet valve got stuck for some reason. Weird it would do it then and not anytime last week. 

Can't see any issues anywhere. So new timing chain and valves

(Or a dr125 head and high comp piston)

And il see you next time

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