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Te Urewera Undertaking, 2020 Nov 27th, 28th, 29th.

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2 hours ago, HighLUX said:

Or are we thinking a group booking to china palace for a succulent chinese meal?

Some will. Some won’t. Same as last time. But they’re a good sort. They Chuck more food on if we arrive en masse/can tell them the afternoon we arrive. 

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Shakedown/Range testing complete, smashed heaps of gravel, nearly took out some local wildlife on the way including but not limited to; About 5 hares, a sheep, two pukekos and a dead possum. 
job tidy, adv FR is good to go - managed to get about 120 odd km to the stock gas tank. 



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On 08/11/2020 at 20:51, johnnyfive said:

That sounds super, I don't know if @Shakotom was up for doing anything or just being peer pressured.

I'm quite happy either way, I don't know how much lead time sticker printers need on this kind of thing? Its possible we're too late already, any idea @Truenotch @Archetype

Current timeframe is fine if I'm only doing the printing/making part.

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