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It raises a question, as I'm sure the likes of the PAC Performance tanks can be certed, but they have fittings in the boot area, and lines no doubt running through the factory in boot locations.




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The last one of those I did , needed extra mounts , as the tank was a lot bigger than original but still bolted in with 4x 8mm bolts or whatever an rx3 has  

Plus sealing the boot, making sure fuel can't leak onto electrical or exhaust  etc 

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On 08/06/2024 at 19:25, Nominal said:

@dabuzz How did you find the pushlock fittings to assemble?

Not bad, best advice I can give is use a bit of rubber grease to help them slide down, was super hard to get them to seat without it. And defo use the stainless crimps for extra security 

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Man I am fizzing to see how the new charger setup is going to turn out. 

Cant believe it's had that "half throttle" manifold plate in there all this time, haha. 

Water meth is a great idea. 

Cant remember if it was mentioned, but what sort of ECU are you going to use?

I honestly wont be mad if it's an old Microtech with screwdriver trim pots to tune it. How good.

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Ha, its an older Microtech, but not quite that old

Using an LT16, has provision for 8 injectors, so will run 2 injectors in the center plate and 6 in the throttle body above the blower.

Center plate injectors help with cold starts and off idle low down drivability due to not having to have fuel travel so far and through blower vanes which disturb atomisation.

Also having the injectors before the blower helps to seal it with a layer of fuel which aids in boost, and also helps cool the intake charge as well by squirting cold fuel onto the vanes.     

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