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1/24 kitset models


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11 hours ago, yoeddynz said:

wow- I just looked up that auslowe site. far out- loads of bits available eh!

Yea some good stuff. There is another company called kfs. Pretty sure they do a skip bin transkit. Might be helpful for you.

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Mini update as no time spare time for models this week, though it's s'posed to be gales & stair rods tomorrow so might get a bash at it.

Did the sides of the hull, not mega happy but hoping they'll perk up a bit once all the kit is stowed and weathered.



A few wheels got melted by a mystery solvent, rat piss or aliens over the decades, they're deformed & a bit soft. Gonna trim off the yuck & build it up with filler.


/wondering whether I should have just bought a new kit, but it's all practice.


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Nice. Miniart do some cool unusual stuff.

I s'pose i could do a mini update while I'm here.

Melted wheels fixed, repaired one with plastic & then reshaped it.



The other I decided to "remove" the outer wheel completely, so cut it all off bar the centre and then drilled it (with a hot pin)to look like a hub. Towards the end of the war quite a lot German vehicles were running out of spares.


Reinstalled all the wheels 



Gonna finish it today, ran out of superglue to put the tracks on. Be good to get it done as I'd like to start to start on the Cadillac.

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