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6 hours ago, kyteler said:


I'd probably be willing to part with the MK-III if they were something that floated your boat. 

Are those Mk II’s still available to purchase new? Want some wheels for one of the 3 coupes but could only find huge sizes...

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13 minutes ago, kiwi808 said:

Are those Mk II’s still available to purchase new? Want some wheels for one of the 3 coupes but could only find huge sizes...

Yeah mate, they make all kinds of cool shit. 

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Have a few. Made the civic had it white and silver 2 tone, made a mistake on the black trim so ended up doing the whole thing silver. hated it got so ruined it more and thats how it ended up. Haven't touched another one in the fear i will stuff it up. 



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Copied and pasted from the hotwheels thread but thought this was a suitable place to post.

I've got a couple spare bits from my Mazda model if anyone wants some bits. 1:24 scale bits from an 83 Mazda 323 but universal.

Bits include.

2x sets of round driving lights with clear lenses.

1x set of rectangular driving lights.

2x sport steering wheels.

1x gear stick and knob.

1x anti static strap.

Pair of parcel shelf box speakers.

Roof aerial.

Pair of mesh style head rests.

Race seat.

Roof spoiler.

Pair of fender mirrors.

Extra wide rear view mirror.

Roll over bar with single back brace.

17 inch wheels and tires.

Came from this set.



Have some of the decals too.


Sorry for the shitty pics but you hopefully get the idea.

Just after postage money.

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Tamiya R32 with engine detail.   did some hack and chop mods including frontmount and piping, lowering.
I also chopped the doors out of the body, and the doorcards out of the interior tub, then using modelling putty i created the skin to give it the correct thickness and also cut the windows out of the glass section, so that they could independently slide up and down inside the doors.  had little tabs so they would click in at the right position to make them stay up...   still cant believe i managed that, was about 10 years ago now.
oh and bought some modelling alloy tubing in different diameters to create an actual dump pipe back exhaust with bigbore muffler...  left it at a friends years ago and never went and got it back :(  oh the boot opens too.. made a little scale bra to hang out the back like the cool kids used to do back then :unsure:


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