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  1. I know this isnt really the right place to put this, but just wondering if anyone in here would be interested in taking on this project... in the last decade since I started this I went through a few ups n downs.. was out of work for ages, moved house a couple of times and basically just lost all motivation... has been sitting down my driveway for last 6 years and hasnt been run for 2 or 3... its definitely in a much shabbier state having sat outside, rust is starting to set in.. I dont really want to let it go, but it feels like a crime letting it rust away and with these things getti
  2. ^ One of the best game series! Loved Keen Dreams
  3. For those wishing to relive the games of their youth without having to build a vintage machine: https://www.myabandonware.com/
  4. been holding on to these for a few decades now... such a good game although I was never that great at it.. I was probably about 6 or 7 when I last remember us playing it.. Did revisit it again last year sometime as pretty much all of those games are available to play in your web browser (abandonware I think the site was?) and I think I downloaded a copy to run in dosbox as well.. but its cool seeing some of the old stuff still around
  5. Hole is probably too high for it to be used as a bong.. but what I really wanted to comment is, as someone who has experience cutting glass etc, that is IMPRESSIVE that he managed that with a hand drill !
  6. i wish I had better pics of the R32 to be honest.. I put a lot more work into that one, especially the doors, they swung open and you could move the windows to fully down or click it back up into the raised position. modified the factory engine detail to make the turbos bigger. made individual intakes and filters instead of the plastic airbox arrangement, intercooler and piping, full exhaust etc. the paint was like 3 different layers to and weathered to give it the appearance of a drift missile thats been resprayed in the past but skimmed a few walls at the track. you can actually see the di
  7. Found a couple more pics on my phone... pretty terrible pics sorry.. but yeah Aoshima 1/24 Trueno it came with engine detail and also had a spring suspension setup (basically just normal plastic struts but with teeny tiny real springs like from inside a pen) took springs out Lowered the body shell itself on to the bottom plate as well as chopped the back out a bit to allow the diff to really slam right down had to cut down the firewall and sides of engine bay to allow body to go down further but massively misjudged and so had to build it back up again with modeling clay
  8. found some more pics on my facebook including the r33 i never really finished.. decided to see how ridiculous i could get it without being unrealistic = stoopid camber
  9. sorry about the image sizes// i didnt realise how giant they were
  10. Tamiya R32 with engine detail. did some hack and chop mods including frontmount and piping, lowering. I also chopped the doors out of the body, and the doorcards out of the interior tub, then using modelling putty i created the skin to give it the correct thickness and also cut the windows out of the glass section, so that they could independently slide up and down inside the doors. had little tabs so they would click in at the right position to make them stay up... still cant believe i managed that, was about 10 years ago now. oh and bought some modelling alloy tubing in different di
  11. Yeahhhh Sorry guys. Shit sorta fell apart for me for a bit, and no longer have suitable facilities/equipment to provide quality service. Perhaps an admin could close/remove this thread now to tidy things up. Sorry to those who were inconvenienced and if its any consolation I am thoroughly ashamed of not being able to help OS members out.. Thanks.
  12. Bit late to the party but AALAWS is on the money, bit of glue.. Personally I put joins at the bottom... that way if its not super watertight it acts as drainage rather than a potential leak.. A mastic sealant around the rubber and glass just to be certain as british stuff is always a bit wobbly/leaky... Looking awesome mate!
  13. Is this the car Ive seen once or twice driving through Johnsonville Wellington? If so.. god level car.. you rolled past through the countdown carpark one day, and I was just by the crossing to the entrance, I stopped and did a bow/praise to thee motion as you rolled past. you chuckled... Thats if its the same car.. Either way. jealous as tits man... I have asked myself regularly over the years, what is my definition of success? My answer for quite a few years now has remained the same. Owning one of these, and having my own personal driver or valet (manservant, not the car parking one)
  14. Oi! im the hutt valley Novus guy... i can help you out if you need? i own a vb as well so i know the cars a bit hahah gimme a bell either pm me or text 027 248 4918 my old man owns the hutt valley franchise and im head technician so have full use of workshop, tools and other things at any time i need!
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