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  1. Finishing these ones before I start new kits.
  2. White plastic body but seems to need a bit of body filling and straightening bro, not as smooth as your typical model kits.
  3. Guy at hobbie store twisted my rubber arm..
  4. I've seen MK1 and MK2 eskie coupes in 1/24 but never seen a panelvan.. Would be keen too tho lol
  5. Hey all can you help me and maybe I can help you all.. Not sure if this is the correct section but here goes.. I am looking at saving anything and everything old school before you decide to send it to doctor death.. aka scrap metal.. I will remove in anyway possible rusty/crashed/incomplete and or unwanted vehicles and will give your scrap metal price for them! Or take them free if you would just like them gone or if your out of my 100km Radius.. Basically way too many cars are going to scrap metal dealers with salvageable parts still attached.. Once they go there they
  6. Rota no motor.. If your familiar with the rx3 kit they don't have under hood detailing and no removable bonnet so mine is getting a custom built 20b lol
  7. Excuse the dust.. should really clean them LS300zx Sacked out GTO
  8. Bought a while ago but that was through ricks models I believe mate
  9. Yea 1/24 aoshima and fujimi have the best range of jap classics. But ricks models do a range of resin kits too.. have seen monaros/falcons/rx2 coupe and Anglia 105e but gotta be fast on those ones lol Don't kill me but my first derby car 1993/94 was an 808 and brother in law did genuine tagged rx4 sedan both had piston motor for derby tho
  10. Yes mate it's a Morrie panel Van resin body, I try to collect anything relevant to the "kiwi car scene" bettles/combies/bemas/mercs/and anything I can find jap
  11. I buy them directly from Japan in bulk mate, heaps cheaper than local and huge variety of those JDM kits.. Look up https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/ they have a huge range and deliver to your door
  12. I have a problem with them... I don't have enough lol
  13. Anybody else into these things? I'd love to see what you guys have built that's NZ styled JDM type custom built kits.. Anybody can follow instructions (cough cough) but let's see your custom kits.. These are a few of my up and coming the so fucking ugly it's cool citreon Ae86 DX Corolla (close copy of mates old 12a j port) Corona coupe MK2 supra xx GA70 supra (Copy of my real supra)
  14. Shortened range rover chassis and 3.9 V8 with 4spd.. still looks same I've not touched it in a while. Time to pull finger I think.. and thanks he's a good car alarm that's for sure lol
  15. Anglias are a bloody sickness and they did have a huge spot in motoring history. Awesome to see other 105e's being modified/restored/and still played with.. Here's mine
  16. How's it mate im loving your conversion..... I am currently building a 1978 Austin Maxi with a Toyota Caldina GT-T 4wd conversion complete with suspension conversion too... I have std spare parts available if you need anything otherwise would be cool be talk to another crazy maxi ownet.
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