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  1. Got failed on that at VTNZ the other day....amongst other things.
  2. Definitely a sickness, I'm on the lookout for more, preferably with live plates and not rooted, nice pooch btw, and that 4x4 one looks hard case.
  3. Got a VQ25DET and loom sitting at work ATM......mmmmm, would make van go nice...., might have to sell CA setup.
  4. Don't feel bad, the amount of ground work I had to do with the wife was frikin hard work mate, in saying that it does make it all the more satisfying, looking at buying a business and having a retro logo on those side panels is gona be soooo fuckin sweet.
  5. Yeah was a mean score, 5hundie, right place right time. Only rust is LH side of rear door frame, and a bit in the floor where trans tunnel met Floor, which was cut out when trans tunnel and firewall removed-easy. I couldn't believe I had managed to find one, and from a dude that had so much shit he didn't think it was worth anything. I'm at a wedding at the mo replying to your questions, lol....priorities ha
  6. All my friends and family say I've got problems...a sickness.....anglianitis smalfordanism, oh well, It doesn't worry me one little bit. FUCK-EM-ALL I SAY I think we oldschoolers do the world a service, old cars are works of art and we few restore and preserve things of beauty and style, if we didn't, the world would only be full of boring bits of plastic with wheels......keep it up people. Just my 2 cents as I'm about to go nainais, pretty deep, click submit before I think the better of it and delete post.................*CLICK* Hope mine looks like this when it's done.
  7. Floor is tidy, just surface rust, only holes were where trans tunnel met firewall and Floor, which was cut out for clearance and back left corner- fuck all.
  8. So, I'd had this at home about a month sitting there in the shed with it's little friend and I happened to be at autopaint Wairarapa having a chat with the owner Reece, I filled him in on the van and the fact that I was trying to decide what engine to put in it and I had recently saved a vitara from the scrappy, he mentioned he had a suzie 413 he wanted some vitara bits for, and that he had a CA18DE and 5speed RWD box he was happy to part with, so a deal was struck and vitara was gone. Fast forward to last weekend and I loaded the old van onto the dolly at 8am and headed off to work. Reece brought his Sunny down and we proceeded to remove the engine and box. Once out he cleared off and I pottered around for the rest of the day test fitting, measuring, and cutting until I could fab some mounts up and bolt her in. Takes a whole lotta time when your doing it by yourself. Went home for dindins for about an hour, grabbed brother-in-law on the way back to work and carried on. About 10:30 that night, we loaded van onto dolly and brought home to bed. Finished about 11:30, a pretty productive day.