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Re: damper

I believe the idea is if the master strokes further than the slave, then the release fork would try and push further than the pressure plate can handle. Putting pressure on the crankshaft, thrust bearings, gearbox etc. The damper takes the extra fluid/pressure when the pressure plate bottoms out. 

So there can be a bit of a void inside the damper that could catch air. Should only need to be bled once when you first put fluid in it, or if the master ever gets empty. 

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On 26/03/2019 at 20:55, BlownCorona said:

2009ish Dodge ram rear seat be what you want?

if your ever in chch im sure i could score you one out of one of the wrecks at work. 

That might fit in the rear but I meant the front, it has a separate drivers seat and then the thinnest 2 seater bench seat possible. My wife would probably refuse to sit on it so I need a set of fronts. I have looked at recaros and MX5 seats, but the most likely to fit will be something out of a Hiace van I would imagine.

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