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Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs


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I see the confused reaction @AllTorque, guessing it's at the thread cut off?


When doing a wide throttle test over only a short distance the plug won't fully colour up, the smoke ring tells the story better than the tip of the insulator but it's nearly impossible to see properly without cutting the threads off.

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Tutu’d with measuring the squish band then pussyed out on taking too much off the head so slapped it back together with 2 headgaskets and some copper spray so no clearance issues and half pie squish band.

Removed the oiling barb from the head and jb welded the port up.

Running good enough for me to nang round the farm/backroads for now. Might take it to the pakeha to get the squish band clearanced properly after the holidays

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Done 75ks in the last couple of days so whipped the head off to check out whats happening with compustion.

As you can see its got the same issue of only burning on the front of the combustion chamber still with the new tutu'd with head. I thought the electrode for the plug being in the way was not helping the cause but they are 180 out on the 2 heads and still no difference. Time to get it booked in at @MopedNZ work the 2T wizards to sort it properly




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