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Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs


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2 hours ago, cletus said:

There was a guy on one of the auckland rides that had a similar bike, and I remember talking to him about that speed limit thing in the speedo as well  


The speedo is completely analog no micro switch or anything that triggers a cut. The kickstand switch is part of some safety circuit thats linked into the neutral switch so it would only fire if you kicked it over in neutral or with the stand up. The switch for the kickstand is a common Suzuki  failure according to mr google.

Im guessing that at around 55 the vibrations of 2t lyfe vibrate the switch enough to complete the circuit and cause a gay missfire 

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Not with an air leak effectively leaning it out and small engine small tolerances she got too hot around lunchtime when the ambient temp really got hot

Good excuse to get the motor out and do crank seals etc, they could of gone hard when it sat for so long with no kms done to even soften them up. Trying to eliminate all possible sources of an air leak

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Got the case sealed up with Yamabond 4 and fresh oil in the gearbox. No leaks and shifted through the gears perfectly so I must of got everything back together right.

Been slowly chipping away at things like getting the piston/barrel back on, used copper gasket spray on the headgasket then remembered I had a torque wrench that started at 10nm. Got pedantic and 3 stage torqued the head down to 15nm.

After waiting all week for the plastic bush that connects the 2T pump to the throttle cable and a chat to a bike mechanic I decided to go premix so you know its always getting enough oil to keep things happy. Left all the pump intact with a ball bearing in the end of the feed line incase I wanna go back to factory setup some time.

Bunged the biggest jet I have in the carb (130mj) and got it fitted up again this morning. Started 2nd kick which was a good sign then settled into a nice smokey idle burning out all the 2T oil used in the assembly.

Took it for a quiet 20min ride to run it in and get some heat into everything. Its running riiiiiiich but mint. Gotta get some new plugs so I can do a proper plug chop and start dropping the jet size back to maximum braaaaps. Will retorque the head in the morning then buy some spark plugs. 15 tooth front sprocket should be here on Monday after taking the long way from Italy via Australia to get here. Will be interesting to see the top speed with it fitted, im hoping it will give it enough legs to sit on 75-80kph without having to ride at WOT everywhere

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Added more brap to the stable in the form of a 2007ish PW80


Pretty rough looking but runs sweet enough for how cheap it was.

Will get a new plastics kit/decals and basic tidy up to give to the kids at Christmas time so they can learn the allure of 2T life

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