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1 hour ago, 63Ragtop said:

Hide it under your bus, drop bus to the floor, she'll never see it then!

But is it legal on the NZ? Cert-wise.


Legal? What's that word. And a cert?


Mail order wofs coming my way. 


Just sell it to her that it's a good upgrade and the saying asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission. 


A hell of a lot other things to buy before that anyway. 


Scored a over head compartment for the rear of the bus the other day. 

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Have pulled a couple of panels out. Two so far that don't need rust work so off to the painters tomorrow with them to get some primer on them. 

Dash is one and an engine compartment panel. 


Ideal need to pick a colour so I can paint panel at a time while I get them done. 

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On 30/07/2018 at 21:22, 64valiant said:

Found a white.  It's colour code is L87 pearl. Off white doesn't look that bad with a white roof and bumpers either. 




Now to find it. 



Looks like I don't need to find it any more. 


I'll settle for the white I have in the mean time. 

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On 21/01/2015 at 16:15, Archetype said:

I like this a lot. I will join you in Bay Window ownership when we can find a decent one that isn't approaching Splittie asking prices.

would you like to buy a project @Archetype i now have a spare kombi for sale?

is came from hot dog flavored waters build thread convo

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On 04/03/2019 at 14:06, kyteler said:

That seems like such a bargain.  Is it or have I been tainted by spending my time looking at the price of Porsche's and seeing what people want for Rotary vehicles and early Aussie steel?

nope can confirm it is a steel.

i need to mention its got rust, no engine and some other minor issues that dont need to be mentioned...... but all those issues are easy fixable.

still for the price we paid for this one we wouldnt have got our other buss to any where near this stage. the guy we brought it off is selling his other kombi for 22k.

even the mother inlaw is happy for us and thinks its a good purchase. she is probably the one who mostly would have been like "ahhh greg why on earth have you brought another bloody car" although i havnt told my mum yet.

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Yeah they work fine :-)  Perhaps you'd put up the wrong 'share' link on other photos?

My brother in the UK is kind of keen on getting another vw van. He used to have a newer design, square looking thing, with a 1.7 diesel slung in the back. Fuck it was soooooooo full of rust. I think he wants a bay window now but prices there are stupid for good ones.

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i can see all them. Instagram is another version of face book pretty much that just post photos. it seems to work for a bunch of other people but ive edited them so you can now see the photos.

should be able to see them @yoeddynz

yea bay windows have gone up in price. def low lights

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