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xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR


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Steebs camaro I-ROC Camaro! Good job steve can park next to sheepers mustang at kumeu!


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I'm sure it has some manner of meaning but the 200ZR was the RB powered version and the 300ZR was the VG30DE powered one.

So as with most cars and models the 'R' is the better version for both variants.

And the zx got either the vg20, or vg30et.

mate has the latter. Reportedly not slow when running 18 pound.

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will i get negative compliance points by driving it there or bonus boss points?


Most compliance places don't care how the car gets there. Drove the AW11 back from the panelbeater without plates and they didn't even bat an eyelid.


Also, good jerb, glad you stuck to your guns and listened to my shitty advice, now you can tell people that importing your own car isn't a myth. Holla if you have any more questions/need help/want a friendly man to do your inspection etc.

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