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off road camper inspiration

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Went for a 5 day camp couple weeks ago

I have a roof tent or a tent swag that i would normally use

Was doing one night stops and was solo so tried a different setup,with rear draws and rear seat folded down had a flat surface so brought a single mattress and slept in the cruiser

I could have my awning with kitchen underneath setup in 8 mins.



Diffently wasnt roughing it had my engel to keep food and beers chilled and the cruiser has rear screen so watched a movie most nights with proper Dolby surround sound lol

Mate has a 4wd space gear with pretty sweet set up aswell

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@Sc@ Chi I'm sure you've done your research but FYI fold out roof tents like the one you've shown use both sides of the base to form the mattress/sleeping area. So unless you're a midget, or plan on getting a fucking massive tent, you won't be able to have it like your drawing where one half is sleeping sideways, and one half is open from below for standing up in.

Here's our weekend getaway arrangement. Nothing special but is perfect for what we need.



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Yeh those extra rooms/annexes are good if the tent is high enough off the ground. We have one for ours but it's not that useful as it's not high enough to stand up. Have seen some lush setups where people have put a couple of camp stretchers in there and set it up as sleeping quarters for kids. 

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On 22/03/2020 at 21:58, cletus said:

What's the advantage or reason for the tent being up high? 

I guess in Australia it would be good for keeping snakes out 


Ya get to keep full interior for storage, mine is erect in 30 seconds.

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