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/xr6 turbo

xr6 non turbo and bolt a turbo on..can buy a non turbo engine for under 500bucks. and make up a manifold and wire in a link and some injectors, exhaust etc and a big turbo 300kw+ with ease.

Dtech built a r32 with a n/a block a few years ago and things been cranking 300kw as a +T  for ages with no trouble.

Aussies do it all the time apparently..

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And you want to spend 1.5k on an ecu lol.


Just put a rotor back in it and call it job done.

 Ash much as i would like to put a rotor back in it.. 1.5-2k but buy an engine 6k to rebuild then clutch and gearbox etc... its about 10k for the engine setup on its own..

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a setup that bolts in and works with whatever mounts/driveshaft etc. you have is going to be so much easier than any kind of engine swap. also carby will be easier.

you can put an sr/jz/big block in but it will be a bunch of custom fab work and little issues and many skinned knuckles etc.

fine if you want to do that. but even the $1500 drillport 12a of questionableness will cost you $3000 in total by the time you get it in there.

if you are prepared to spend more, take more time and effort do whatever the heck you like not telling you not to, just telling you its not easy being green.

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