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So i picked this up today of Fourm member Goat/Joe. Its his old parts car that is still kinda complete it should be a fun little project. 


My plans are to strip it down completely repaint everything new bushes all throughout thinking about engine choices and ive narrowed it down to the standard 13bt or a Fe3 on itb's? also welcoming other suggestions nothing to crazy i want it to be a nice car i can drive around sweet and have abit of fun in. 


For wheels im looking at going with some wide 15's but haven't really seen any of these slammed on 15's. im going to widen some old steels to see whats going to need to happen to everything to pull 15's off haha.


Just quickly looking around it i need:

New L/H sill as its quite dented

L/H front gaurd (rusty at the bottom)

Pedal box

Bolt in rollcage

A sweet sweet bonnet

Some period racing seat

Front bumper with a lip on it


So if anyone has parts for one of these in in the market or any others im going to start hoarding them.

I better put up a quick pic of it its the only one i have.





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oh sweet. ill chuck you a pm about the 13bt and parts.


oh cool cool ill get in touch with them. 


also i really want one of the stock rear wings for it also (im all about the getting the most important stuff done first lol).

i hear that getting genuine mazda parts isn't to bad? any clue if the have much fc stuff left in japan or nz?

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A friend of mine here in Auckland has a new old stock FC rear spoiler for sale if you're interested. Think it's a Series 4 one too. Can ask for a price if you're interested.


I think i just saw it on trademe lastnight with a whole lot of other parts its $50 no reserve very cheap. are series 4 and 5 wings the same? 



How much s4 stuff is the same as s5? cant find a solid answer anywhere. I brought a rx7 haynes manual last night so hopefully that should help me out a bit with all the mazda stuffs.



hewly dem ! this is going to be a BIG build, can't wait to see more ~


yeaaahhhhh deffs is i don't know what kind of hole ive got myself into haha should be fun!! but not much real work is going to happen until I've got my cressida up and running. just buying heaps of small parts



Put a JE mazda v6 in it from a luce or MPV bro! 3l with auto mean cruiser!


Hahahhaha nah ive got a 1geu here with a slush box!


Probs getting a standard engine thats NOT ported as i love the sound of these with a smooth idle.

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Ah, looks like he ended up putting it on tardme. For that price you may as well just bid on it.

Think the rear spoilers are the same between S4 and S5.


yeah that is super cheap for a brand new genuine part. 



This thread has most of the model information/differences




cool! just had a really good read, cheers for that. 

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I have a cusco style bolt in cage and some black door cards.


I have got 16x7.8 and 16x8.5 bbs rs on my series 5 with 195's up front and 205 out the back tucking tire and scraps everywhere cats eye etc just an idea if your thinking of slamming it on 15's 


pm if your keen for parts i might have coilovers and stuff for sale early next year

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yeah was thinking they do look ALOT better, i just don't see very much NA cars or parts around, but there is no real rush for anything.


Sweet that should help with parts finding. 


hmmmm yeah il look into options. i really want to be able to drive this car properly once its done and not having to worry about smashing sump/chassis and whatnot everywhere so wide 17's and slam may be the only way.

ive my eye on a bride brix and already have a couple hoarded so yeah hopefully i can pick this one up. also have a nardi classic for this car also. Man i love having parts hoarded!!


I want this car to look a little different to every other fc thats why i was wanting to go with 15's.


this is pretty much my inspiration minus the rpf1's as everyone put them on these but they look so damn awesome!!!  



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that was with 16s,and an extra 40mm of lowness could be taken out if i didnt have a lip on the garage door to go over..


biggest issue was the exhaust wasnt far off the ground..


i used coilovers out of a honda orthia in this, and had the front mounting points made by royce clive..custom camber plates made by myself with some pillow ball tops..

handled super sweet,was super slammed,and was even better with the mazdaspeed 17s...



just tucking but still had room to drop,guards started to get a bit close though...you get that with 255s on the back and 235s on the front


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Just stripped the interior out... Found some maggots under the back seats.. 


Also purchased a brandnew factory rear wing off Trade me and a front bumper bracket for this. just need to find a way to get them shipped down here..





Then proceeded to chip away at the sounds deadning.. its coming out quite easily compared to stuff in other cars. ive done about half the car with chisel/scrapers zyjy.jpg



Just have to wait for more money to buy parts!!


but doing stuff that doesn't cost money is rewarding 


I have decided to go with 17's as i want to be able to drive this car hard through mountains/hills and generally have a good time in it once its done! Don't think i can do that with 15's lol


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