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  1. Any AT with a PWR/MANU switch is electronically controlled as far as toyota A series are concerned afaik. Earliest ECT Autos are from 83 onwards, Altezza are 100% ECT. Its controlled by ECU as with any toyota with electronic trans control.
  2. They're really good looking aren't they. Sedan with a Digi-dash would be super cool!
  3. Was thinking as well. I may add mini updates in here about this... MAEP Mazda Persona. I don't think it deserves it's own build thread in the "other" section as I won't do a whole lot to it apart from clean it up. But what I do to it, I could sneak in here. It needs a windscreen sadly. May post up a "WTB" post as I didn't think to try OS yet.. Coolest $500 car I've ever driven tbh...
  4. Yeah that makes sense. Its intuitive but holy shit it freaked me out when I saw it haha...
  5. Decided to sort the slipping A43D yesterday. Did a sump drain and fill. In the morning, I realised being lazy would prob fuck me over so went and bought a filter kit and an extra bottle of DEX III. I grabbed some new clamps and a top rad hose to sort the coolant leak too. 5Ms don't need coolant leaks and I doubt they tolerate them either. Swapped the hose, tightened the ho. A+ no leaks. I was pretty sure ol mate at Repco would give me the wrong filter kit. He was pretty certain A43DL kit will suit A43D, I didn't think it would and it appears I was right. Pretty sure valve bodies are a little different across most A series autos. Good lesson learnt! Oh well, means I have to go back and do the filter some time, but the sump I managed to clean out and then flush the trans. I cycled like 6 liters though it so I'm pretty confident it will love life a little more now. It pulled MUCH better tonight and I took it for a good wee drive. Success. Also, the sump had a magnet sitting in it. I take it this is a thing with autos? I've never done an A-T pan drop before so seeing an object in the pan took me by surprise lmao. (Yes there were axle stands before I went under it)
  6. 10/10 series and production. Any series that can convey nuclear engineering & more principally physics to the public and get people engaged is doing well. The associated podcasts for each episode are a great listen if you haven't already, link below if you want it! Podcast Ep 1 But uhh yes, back to regular programming. I found a useful post by an MS112 owning minkara user who I follow. He 'ported' an MS110 digital dash into his MS112 and reckoned it wasn't hard. No confirmation re: plugs but I assume they aren't the same. If it's anything like my old GX81, plugs will be different (and I'm expecting them to be). No word on fuel senders tho, on my X8 they were different so it could be so in this case.. How good does it look with added green LEDs for that Cherenkov-esque glow hahah
  7. "You didn't see coolant on the driveway because it's not there!" "Perhaps you saw water from the AC?" This could go on forever. Parallels between nuclear reactors and M series are too good lmao Side note, I'll be sure to pour sand and boron on my M when it blows up
  8. I made this just for this thread. Some Highly enriched original content.. enjoy
  9. This thread could VERY easily derail and become full of highly radioactive puns.. YOU DIDN'T SEE COOLANT ON THE DRIVEWAY, YOU DIDN'T
  10. Yeah I checked level when hot+running and it was bueno, but it 100% needs a change so will do that before committing to binning it
  11. Agree to a large extent, despite that though... I've found a manual console for it today which just needs a recolour. Super cheap too..
  12. Yeah from my minkara / fb / YAJ perusing, I've noticed that the console and pedal are a dick to find. I know a few Crown van would come manual but was told the center console isn't quite the same as 112 / 110 etc (lower spec). I def 100% want this manual as the gearbox pan sits way too low for my liking. Manual for the purposes of attaining safer low is my preference. Will chase any leads regarding manual bits haha, pretty keen to begin the part hoarding
  13. wow really? as in three shades of one code?? I know 035 is the GX61 white and 040 is seen on X8 (maybe X7 too?) But yeah, as far as white goes, I'm really liking it.
  14. It's pretty sweet huh. Funnily enough, one of the things that I pined for most in a Twincam GX61 is the digi dash. It looks like this.. Notice how it's nearly identical? haha I picked the perfect Crown for me I reckon..
  15. Oh yeah... I crucially forgot to mention what I'm doing with the RBMK under the bonnet. 5M-E although I don't hate, I'd atleast like to satisfy my Twincam wants... I'm thinking 5M-G or 6M-G mated to a W5* (undecided) Thoughts? Would likely be stock with a simple TRUST header and basic mild steel exhaust etc. ITB M is cool as shit but I'm realistic in the short term so keeping it level headed haha