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Just stripped the interior out... Found some maggots under the back seats.. 


Also purchased a brandnew factory rear wing off Trade me and a front bumper bracket for this. just need to find a way to get them shipped down here..





Then proceeded to chip away at the sounds deadning.. its coming out quite easily compared to stuff in other cars. ive done about half the car with chisel/scrapers zyjy.jpg



Just have to wait for more money to buy parts!!


but doing stuff that doesn't cost money is rewarding 


I have decided to go with 17's as i want to be able to drive this car hard through mountains/hills and generally have a good time in it once its done! Don't think i can do that with 15's lol


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yeah slowly but surely! yeah 15's would work if it was just going to be a car to drive around and get stuck everywhere. 


Sounds deadening is coming out just because the interior is getting re painted and 40% of the old stuff is all cracking and lifting up and most likely has water sitting underneath. 

Just a piece of mind basically, it will be put back in with new stuff once its all painted. 

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17's a good size. You can still get lots of low but don't have to moddify the guards. Speaking of guards, I have a spare one you can have. It's just sitting under the house not doing anything. It is not mint but it isn't rusty and might be better than yours? Pretty sure it was a passenger side one but will double check. I got given it as i wanted to make copies of the GTX sticker on the side....

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Will be watching this closely as I'm too lazy to work on mine haha

Ps please can I pilfer the guard if mr Mitch does not want

Mitch is keen if he can organise free shipping. It's not mint which is why I was given it. It's funny as I took the others to the scrape guy and got 11c each for them, and $28 for a complete set of factory 15's. No one ever seems to want FC bits which is why I binned the lot!

Only kept the guard to make copies of the sticker..

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Come buy all of micheal v6 stuff . He even has cad plans for a rwd box can be slap on / Think a rx7 is a very close fit

 noooooooo staying rotorororor so i can pull bitches with the pulse g. 


haha standard engine is jus so much more simple just bolt in and plug in pretty much, dont have the hassle of engine mounts and heaps of wiring. 

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Sooo update on this thing!! I am now a poor student so progress has slowed have been hoarding heaps of parts for this! ready slap on this thing, Stripped the interior and painted engine bay and interior in the next 2 weeks.


This thing is now going to the track as i feel i need to start drifting/jealous of everyone having fun.


SOO engine choices!!


Looking for 200kw ish


Option 1 - sr20de+t (already have a sr20de sitting here)


Option 2 - 2jzge with some work. this is heaver than sr20 and gearbox etc will be expenny


Thats all i have so far. doesn't need to be anything crazy power or special. just reliable and cheap ish to maintain. 


I will update with pictures in the next few weeks!!


ps.. Its going to be on 15's ;)

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Put a 1JZ in it instead of a 2J, you'll piss in with your 200kw and it won't be as spendy. Plus they sound cool as hell.


/waits for Rookie to come suggest a K series.


was thinking this but they are prettty heavy engines.. These are not really light cars to start with else i would be going sr20de.

I think they are 1300kg standard. 1jzge = 147kw.. is that enough powers to have a good time?


on 185/55/15 also haha.


edit: Hmmmm 1jzge could be the go... and i could always add itb's later on.. 



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only reason i want to stay away from turbo is parts are $$ i would need an r154 etc. 


and n/a is always best!!! if i need more power i can just bolt on a turbo and have a low boost set up.


Rotarys are even more expensive!! will cost me 8kish for a reliable rotary setup. i think i could get a 1jzge setup manual for 1.8-2kish. 

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