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MRT1TRD's 1963 Datsun Bluebird P312

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I think I have seen a carb kit on e-bay or alibaba if you cant find just buy a complete chinese carb for a J15 there is plenty on ether those two sites. will fit in place tho my need to mod acc cable.


Found it thanks I thought it was a cedric badge but I was looking for grill badges not a rear badge which it is

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I noticed your 1963 Bluebird build with the many photos and also the parts car purchase in late 2014. Do you still have that other Bluebird parts car? If so, I'm looking for a couple of Bluebird body parts, namely the right side A pillar (mine is smashed) and the rear filler panel between the body and bumper (missing). I'm restoring my 1961 PL310 Bluebird that I've owned for many years, Right now I'm working on the floor which is totally rusted out. A couple of photos from many years ago. And then a pic of the current build situation.




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Hello MARTS-PL310 to make me find this easier link me into the conversation. 

I do still have the spare car & since I now have a wagon I do need to wreck the parts car to make more room. It has a rusty floor also & bottom of pillars are rusty also but is straight. shipping would cost you alot unless your visiting nz for a holiday. 

Nice car tho, could you make your own build thead, people get bored with my very slow progress so it would be good to see another one to help inspire me to do more work on mine.

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@MRT1TRD good suggestion to start a build thread. I have dozens of photos going back over several years to present. I may have a relative that has made trips to NZ. I’ll see if they have any future plans and would perhaps help transport a part. Otherwise I just keep learning to make the parts from flat sheet.

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