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LVVTA tyre size to rim size compatibility sheet


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The above list seems like overkill to me, I mean 195 minimum on a 7" I would have said that would be in the 'ideal' range - as its pretty flush/borderline balloon.

Having not got a cert - nor will I for while, are wheels always tagged on the cert plate? Obvious ways around this, re changing tyres/wheels after cert.

But what happens when Joe Bloggs puts some 185's on his otherwise factory car that happens to have 7" wheels stock, or even just slaps some rims on his [insert standard car here], as that does not require a cert?

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The whole system is odd / fucking stupid.

I'm going to find / buy or even widen some steel wheels just for certification.

Will have them 8" and 9" wide with a high offset.

Can do this on the rear easy, the front may be harder.

Anyway this should allow me to put the correct sized tyre on and still allow it under guards. (dont know where I'm going to find the correct sized tyre).

I wonder what they will do if you cant get the correct sized tyre.

Either that or cert car on some other wheels and grind off the stamp on my wheels and re stamp them.

Or find a cert man who is lenient or never heard of it before.

Can we send thousand hate mail to the LVV safty place?

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Pretty hard to judge rim width with a tire on, even harder when said wheel and tire is on a car.

Should just dremel off any width on rim and have some stickers like Rays wheels have made with 1*x5.5 so you can run 165's

Thats an idea. Or ill write a CNC program to engrave the wrong width into the back of the rim lol.

My wheels currently say 6J. Thats unbelievable though.

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Heavily stretched tyres are dangerous and adversely affect grip. < fact.

Still have yet to see anything to back this up.

I do not understand why anyone would whinge about the above. It's pretty reasonable really.

I'm not into the whole stretch thing myself, I prefer a flatter sidewall, but I just don't like how it's being restricted without any real justification.

Show me some stats where stretched tyres caused more accidents then, well, anything at all really, and I may change my opinion of this ridiculous law.

But it this stage it just seems completely stupid.

Cut / dodgy lowered suspension, yeah. Unsafe. Makes perfect sense that shit like that needs certs, I can think of a few cases off the top of my head where some moron killed himself coz his springs raped his tyres.

But every man and his dog goes on about how unsafe stretched tyres are, but yet have never seen a documented case where it has caused an accident.

Anyway, cig time. That's still legal, right?

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Heavily stretched tyres are dangerous and adversely affect grip. < fact.



I really would have thought you would get more grip out of a stretched tyre than a squashed tyre. The sidewalls would be so much stiffer.

On a side note my old man reckoned his Mini had more grip with 145s on his 5" rims than 165s on them. And the 165s were better tyres too.

And yeah. Its not dangerous unless you take it to the extreme (just like anything). What was wrong with the rule 'tyres must be appropriate for the wheel width'? Surely if the certifier thought it was dangerous they wouldn't cert it. So the only cars running 'dangerous' stretch are uncerted cars that will still be rolling around uncerted even though they have brought out this (gay) chart.

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My gripe is that to get the correct rolling diameter on 15x7's I need either 185/50's or 195/45's.

The 185's are much more common and cheaper, and I wouldn't call this in pursuit of an image or stretch, the simple fact is that there would be absolutely no stretch with the 185's anyway, if I wanted to have stretched tyres I would have gone for spacesavers or something equally rediculous.

185 equals 7.4 inches, so why is that not legal on a 7 inch rim?

Imagine that its unlikely to be an issue with a GC cert man, and as stated on the sheet above they refer to it if presented with obviously mismatched tyres and rims.

note: I appreciate most here don't give a shit about my tiny 7 inch wheels, just having a vent.

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you're not formula one cars.

I posted the picture to give an example that stretched tyres aren't dangerous. Yeah they are probably made differently to road tyres (i know Kevlar was used first in them, think that was more for the weight reduction than anything else), but its a fucking F1 and they have stupendous loads on the tyres.

Thanks for your input.

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