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  1. Me and Jmoss might be there/most likely
  2. i got a locked head and some axles and discs and calipers lying around, no housing tho becos i had to cut both them up due to a unfortunate event.
  3. yeah any progress with this?, wouldnt mind finding out who the guy in nz is you are getting it through too?
  4. and where will you be purchasing this from if i may enquire?
  5. are you buying it new? does it have the plates ect?
  6. yet another needless law, soon we wont even have to breathe for ourselves, it will be deicided by a panel of experts how many times we can inhale and exhale per minute safely.
  7. http://www.fibresports.co.uk/products/F ... it/FS10143 this is the one i want
  8. oRly, will have to do some research, mainly just after front and rear guards though. Found a place in nz that does rear ones but not front. 800 bucks each was a bit steep though. what sort of price is a kit over there if you know off hand? cheers
  9. bring me a mk2 zakspeed widebody kit when you come back, thanks
  10. i think the best way to use them is to disconnect the rad and run through the engine in a closed loop, without cooking it obviously that way the bulk of it doesnt get into the rad and stay there.
  11. Yeh mondays are 20bucks for 20 minutes, and trust me thats all you would need its fairly taxing driving on that track and carts are mean
  12. cmon i can tell youre keen for an encore birthday soon .. i think you should pop down and see me at cartune HAHA i drove past your place the other day and was thinking bout how clean that road looks!
  13. found it! dont worry bout the power matey once you got it on the road you can pull it back off to fit the engine mine is based on in it mmmm cosworth
  14. haha good idea eliot, might save me some money!! For the moment staying with my china turbine but when funds increase will be a gt3540 providing air compression.
  15. Also wondered this but forgot to ask lol. cheers guys,old engines for sale so if your keen chuck us an offer i need to get it off the drive way asap What is a boat anchor worth these days?
  16. how much money? i went to 50 lions show with antagonist and mean streak afterward so didnt end up at mine lol. Everyone parked up in one place Except some toyota drivers
  17. keen to check sweet whips and nom on tasty burgerfuel.
  18. mini mafia was gonna buy that but then his net crashed lolz
  19. so thats 3 crowns a chevvanne 2 commers 1 madaz and im guessing fuel will bring his new toyota? what else?
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