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  1. "Hell yeah, that's bad ass" - 1320video
  2. http://garageslipway.wordpress.com/2009/10/27/the-old-whip/ FYI. Def better on 14's! Also, a vid of the above Cresta with laggiest 1GGTE in the history of 1GGTE's. Good luck with your build man!
  3. Hah. My old daily from circa 2010. Used to have a loud as f*ck drony exhaust. Good for max revving dorts when going through tunnels. Good luck with the project.
  4. Yeah man. Miss those days. I sold it to some guy around Taranaki ways (Fielding?). He owns a lot of old Toyotas and stores them in a shed. Reckons he tidied it up lots and hooks up 3rd doing burnouts no sweat haha. I only got to drive it once at Hamptons with the bigger turbo and it went pretty well. Before the driveshaft poo poo'd itself and the fuel/brake lines. To be fair that car was a POS but I loved it so much.
  5. Yeah IRS. I didn't realise yours was solid rear. Just the perch/buldge on the bottom arm was a larger diamater than the sleeve/seat which comes with the rear springs. They're made for an AE86 which must have a smaller diamater perch. I was afraid that it was going to slip out or not sit centre so just didn't use it. Maybe it'll work sweet on yours. Also I remember now. I actually tried GX71 rear springs first and they were also too soft for my liking. And correction, I ended up using rear springs from a Sierra wagon, not Cortina (it was a few years ago now!).
  6. Hey man cool car! I'd love to own another Carina sometime in the future. Though it'd have to be pre-face lift as I am particuar . BC Red's (for AE86) went pretty low on my old Carina, though not sure what the availability is like these days. I never ran the rear seat/sleve because they didn't sit right on the rear lower arms. In the end I got rid of the rear BC red springs because they were too soft/saggy and put in some Mk5 Cortina ones and cut down to height. Worked a treat!
  7. Pre-face lift, cool! Used to own a Carina and still love these cars today. Good luck with the build
  8. Those look like my old Ferroches! Are they 15x7 +0 with a bit of a lip damage repair on one wheel?
  9. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... 78&ed=true engine solution right here. runs on 98 octane and cats that don't get adopted from the SPCA. http://vimeo.com/27707922 (a couple of mins in for a full noise run).
  10. Remember the good old days of motorway runs, 'illegals' and Piha touge missions in this. Awesome.
  11. The Carina has power steering right... except that when you want to turn the wheel from side to side (forced, not auto-returning) it pretty much braces up... is this just OS 80's fail tech? Anyone know of anything that I can do to improve/get better PS? FYI also running 25mm spacers up front, low down and directionals. Chur bay! Opps, if you don't know TA63 / 3TGTE
  12. Man, super tidy looking! EX Lancers look pretty good on new school mags though.
  13. Sup man! Far out, that thing is looking minter than ever!! Good shit. How are things anyway? Long time no speak. Sold the corona But bought a rusty Carina as a drift project and a GX81 cruiser hehe.
  14. get a rota (simon sez) or a 280zx : D? we got one lying around here
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