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K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH Discussion

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will discuss the logistics of Grill fitment in HB - am super keen to do whatever I need to do.. VB's had the grille bolted to the bonnet I believe and VC onwards were mounted on the radiator support panel..

As for cutting springs - I honestly have just run out of time and energy to do this before the weekend - it involves removing the whole strut off a cunt of a bottom balljoint (the tapered shaft is about 90mm long and the bottom arm only just goes down far enough to allow removal..)

Also power upgrade may happen sooner than I imagined so cutting down a brand new pair of $180 springs when a heavier motor is yet to come into play could be dumb...

But it appears the "Haich" will be in HB after 1 week of mad thrash!! JEAH BOY!!!!!

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Post 202 conversion, I think you should investigate a Camira wagon of the same era which you can A-frame around behind the VH... that way, it'll be like one of those campervan setups that people have. Except you can have the long distance wags, and the "just going to the dairy to grab some milk" wags as well.

Also doubles the berths available.

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Now I have time to reply properly to these comments.. (which somehow I missed reading most of them till this morning)

Fuck yeah I am keen for more slammage - so in the meantime till I get a V8 and due to popular demand I am going to cut the original factory springs... I want about 60mm lower in the front and around 40mm lower in the rear.

Also I am in lubs with the pic Boerad posted recently - not so much the wheels but the widths are appropriate for my requirements.. insert correct width bands on my steels and I feel it will be a winnning one..

Hope to cut the springs this weekend depending on motivation and weather..

Watch this space chaps

PS - get fucked on the trailer - are you insane??

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I'm not saying that these will fit, just that they are available... and in Wellingtown of all Towns


Also, these parts are different to the Commodore C Caravan that I posted above, but unfortunately those early model parts will only fit on the early Commodores (VB-VC) where as these later model parts off an Opel Monza are more likely to fit the later models (VH-VK).

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