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New VVTI install looks awesome. 

Reading first page of this thread, posted in 2007 - when you said you've had the car for a couple of years. 

Must be coming up to nearly 20 years with this car!

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I tested it with a crappy supercheap compression tester awhile back  before put the trd head gasket on it.   130 , 130, 100, 130.     can only assume its worse now.  with factory cams, no body home on 3 at idle.  with the bigger cams idles like junk anyway so easy to ignore.

end game is to build the long rod engine properly.  with the head off the 150kw engine along with vvti.   around atlantic 4age numbers  but with a massive power band and reliable is the goal.  looks doable at this stage

turd will be coming out soon,   and in the meantime will be putting 150kw engine back in.  probably put a vvti setup on it also


8 minutes ago, Stu said:

We need a video of the blue plumes from outside the back of the shed

Too many bits of pistons and rings coming out the exhaust, might break my camera


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