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KwS's SD1 Obsession


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12 hours ago, kws said:

No 3.9 or 4.6 has magically come up for sale locally, which sucks and all the good engines are either crazy money or miles away (like the one above). On the plus side, the previous owner is apparently shipping down a crate with the original engine in it, or something that might resemble parts of the original engine. Not sure what I will end up with yet, we will see. If there is enough to rebuild, and its not completely ruined, that might become the plan.

If you find something anywhere between Dunedin and WLG, I could probably as my cousin to get it on one of his backhauls.


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In the listing description.. 

"these trucks with V8 power, solid axles and link suspension would kill all those wee Suzuki off roaders. 

Skirts around the fact its British and has lucas electricals :doubt:


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Cheers but i wouldnt buy another 3.5. If the original engine that im waiting to have shipped down here is toast and isnt economical to rebuild, i will go 3.9 or 4.6 instead.

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