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Kicker-san's Kei car Coupè

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I just had a better read through your thread on the laptop instead of phone.

That engine is going to be super sweet, I had a bandit 1200 at one point and it was such a smooth effortless engine.

The fronte's were always fun to pest around in with Joe & John but bleeding from the ears is probably not great long term!

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Yeah, I'm thinking it should at least be more drivable than other conversions, it may be 50hp down on a similar age R1 but it has a bit more torque that peaks 4500rpm earlier, may as well fit a towbar haha

Fronte pesting is amazing, all the noise. This is one of my favourite vids, I expect it to grenade every time I watch

That's what 44hp sounds like, 22% increase over stock which was still 100hp per litre

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