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Molesworth Moped Melee, 5th, 6th. 7th march 2021


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1 hour ago, governorsam said:

Still fizzing 

epic. Gc’s everywhere. Bacon. Snags. Ice cold dobros.

what else could a man want.

Fuck same.

Normally after like an oldschool nationals, I get a huge low. But I'm still peaking about what a good time i had. It's like part of that weekend never dies........

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8 hours ago, Hungry said:

A review of a bike when it's brand new isn't the best indicator of how a bike might last. 

I've seen 3-4 of these things in my time working here and 2 of them were kept dirty between rides, oil changed hardly ever - they had rust gathering almost everywhere. But I also have a customer that daily rides one  (has about 15,000 KM) and it's still in pretty mint condition. We've had to replace a couple switches over time but thats about it. 

TL;DR - if you're buying one make sure it's been looked after or don't bother. 

Edit: Lol should have read that more indepth. His 6,000KM review is pretty accurate.

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1 hour ago, RUNAMUCK said:

*everyone who was there goes outside to check their bikes for damage.......

I gave mine a bit of a look over when I unloaded it. It had a small list of problems; 

-broke the bottom of my leg shield 

-both my headlight and tail light don’t work anymore 

-headlight came loose 

-legshield mount bolt unwound itself and fell off 

-air filter split and fell off 

-right foot peg rubber is toast 

and the best one yet; 

my front wheel nearly fell off cause the axle but unwound itself and I rode about 30km with a front wheel flopping around in my forks 

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I wonder where I can buy a new spoke?

Fitment wont be an issue.  17" tyres are a lot easier to get off than 10". And while the wheels out, I'll replace the cush drive too. (And maybe inspect the brake shoes. I dunno of they're a bit shagged, or just naturally a bit shit.  The Dio pulls up on a dime by comparison.

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