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MRWEST's 73 RX3 Coupe Discussion Yarns


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11 hours ago, nzstato said:

Deets on what "doing it properly" is going to mean for you?

Not slapping it together haha. Will be a keeper so will do it once and do it properly, good parts, finish nicely etc etc.


11 hours ago, Evan said:

12a bridgy, modgies, supertrapp 

90s throwbacks right thur haha

9 hours ago, 63Ragtop said:

That factory Bright Green they came in?

Was hoping this new project would show up here soon!  Keep the updates coming!

yep not sure on colour yet, half of me wants to go a factory period colour half of me wants to not haha.

Yeah bought it before Aucklands lockdown v2 and couldnt get back in to collect it so only picked up last week ha!


1 hour ago, kiwi808 said:

Convert to 808 coupe for lol’s?

thatd stir some people up im sure haha

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3 hours ago, dabuzz said:

Azhar runs 8.5 ZS all round on his coupe - so yes they 'will' fit!



yeah i presume hes got 5 stud hubs (havent checked with him though haha), iv already got 4 stud hubs made up, could get another set of disks and hubs i guess but will see when i get some adaptors for the rear and do a test fit. 8.5s look so much better though so much more dish.


5 hours ago, johnny.race said:

Re those rear caliper brackets your mate made ... are they a 2 piece deal ie steel onto the diff housing then with a hunk of machined alloy to adapt the caliper to the steel plate? Or full alloy. Cheers. 

Full alloy onto axle flange.

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1 hour ago, dabuzz said:

yea way tougher with the dish, and yes he has 5 stud PCD all round

Yeah his looks real good

Ill fit a 8.5 with a 20mm PCD adaptor on the rear due to narrowed diff,

Front maybe, maybe not. See once they turn up i guess ha.

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On 30/09/2021 at 22:59, sr1600 said:

Hey Mate , any chance you know the model of the itg filter? internal size?

Gotta find one to fit over my injection kit.



Hey man, i dont sorry but ill try find out as my mate will know im sure. Cheers

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Only just seen the build thread. Looks great..! Looks like we have parallel projects on the go. Although mine is an 808. I was looking to go 20B pp then got the prices through and very quickly decided to stay 13B bp..! Bits are getting harder and harder to get. Just managed to get some doors out of Cali. Bloody heavy and realised that they have side intrusion bars in them for the US market. Who knew...? I guess everyone but me... lol.




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