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SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

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1 hour ago, shizzl said:

Remarkably, the engine and box went straight in.. With some fighting and cussing. 

All bolted up nicely enough. 

Shifter hole is about 70mm off, but that puts it in a better location for reach. 


what box is it? If its a series 2/3 box then you can move the shifter forwards by around 70mm or something- if that helps. But sounds like ya don't need to :-)


Fake edit- I looked at the pic again and see its a series 1 box.

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Bs update... 


Pulled the engine to strip and inspect, everything is wasted beyond use.. Apart from the housings, Theyr mint.. 


So I went and bought another 12a...lets see how this goes. 

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12a bridgeport round 2....fight


This engine looks super clean inside, lots of compressions. 

Came with an electronic dizzy and s4 alt. 

I chucked the side draft on it but need a tall port manifold cos this one is missing one of the bolt tabs. 


Waiting to go it... 


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On 17/02/2021 at 18:16, kyteler said:

If there's a rotor too fucked to do anything with I'd like one for my shed if you want to sell it ? 

I'm keen on any spare 12a rotor for my shed too- to fill my empty 12a housing on the shelf.

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Got the engine and box in place for hopefully the last time.. Clutch fork and release bearing is also in there. 

Cut the hole for the shifter.. Need to straighten the shifter as it angles too much towards the drivers seat. 

In reverse it gets close to the seat. If I straighten it, it'll be perfecto. 


Ordered all of my exhaust parts, and have a new manifold flange plate.. So look out for sketchy welds and bs looking noise cannon build. 


Ordered a new Ali radiator and 14" fan to match the nice oil cooler. 

Will need to find stock oil cooler hoses or get the braided ones shortened to suit. 


Also need a few bolts for the bellhousing and starter so that can be finished off. 

Driveshaft measured and will get dropped off next week. 

Not sure if I'm going to use standard rubber fuel line or braided, I've never fitted braided fittings before.. We'll see. 


Clutch slave is ordered ready for collection, then make a hose up for it. 

Then it's mainly all wiring stuff, lengthen wiring for alt, coils, starter and gauges. Wiring up thermo fan switch etc. 

It needs to be finished by May 13th as I move out of my workshop then.. 

Want to do a coilover mid to the spare struts too.. 

Along with capri discs and escort calipers. 

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