SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

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today I decided to freeze my buts off in the garage.

cleaned the block and moving parts.. reinstalled the pistons and crank assembly to check bearing oil clearances.

I used plastigage for a rough measurement.

All mains were well within spec, but 2 of the 5 have some grooving, there is no marking on the crank journals though.

Big ends are basically at brand new specs

top compression ring end gap is also at the min clearance range however a 2nd comp/scraper ring is broken aswell as 1 oil control ring.


my guess is that this engine got a rebuild no more than 20,000kms ago, but has sat for a considerable amount of time.

a couple of the frost plugs look new, where the remainder are heavily corroded.



Now the big task at hand is to locate a set of +60 rings, big end and mains bearings, full gasket/seal kit, head kit etc.

in the meantime I will plonk the head back on the block and make a start on the carb manifold and the headers.


while I was looking over this block today I noticed many ports in the block for oil and water galleries, would be simple enough to plumb a turbo into this block if I were ever keen to see the limits of it..probably not very high.

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Some days it just makes me want to set fire to this.

Battery is being a dick, so can't get it in for a wof fail yet, had the alternative tested, all fine. Battery tests over 12.5v but no sparkles..

Still need to get some kind of air filter on it cos I'm sure it needs them to run better tune wise.

Also looked at the big end bearings in the spare motor... they have major grooves in them, poked, but the crank has no marks at all.. has 030 on them so I'm almost guessing they're a +30 set . Mains bearings look mint

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Wtf , how was this for luck..

Trolling trademe and this listing showed face.. immediate buy now damage was done

Ported and polished head with new valves (to be assembled) and alloy rocker cover..

Guessing it's close to a holbay spec..

Funny this is I offered to buy this from this guy months ago when he was selling the racecar, but never gave a price... 


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