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Crossed two things off the list. Engine mount and measure/order the shock. I've made a template for one side of the shock reinforcement buy I'll need to get some steel for that

Barryd up the engine mount with a piece of the cut off stem


Painted and done



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I did lots of fabricobbling today. My inner Barry was strong. Cad (cardboard aided design) thanks to shapes and krispy kreme 

I made a plate for each side for the shock relocation (and fucked up measuring the new holes)


Weldy weldy


The other side


Coil mounting holes


weldy weldy



The tecnigas flange is smaller than the port in the barrel which wont be helping the nangs. I ordered some tube and a couple of flanges but wrote down the wrong part number and ended up with 38mm flanges instead of the 28mm I needed.

CAD again, careful tapping around the outside to get the flange outline and hole centers


Trace horribly onto some plate, Mark the holes in the wrong place


The closest size Holesaw I had was a 32mm so I'll have to double up on the pipe or just run the 32mm pipe for the header to the expansion chamber.

A bit of Double sided holesaw action and a turn on the belt sander. 


Not perfect but nothing a bit of attention from the die grinder can't fix.


About this time I for fucked off with propping this up with bits of wood and it falling over all the time so made a start on the side stand. I had chopped off the center stand to clear the engine mount


That's not going to fit. I chopped off the bracketry and tacked it onto the mounting bracket for the plastics


It clears the motor now. The floor brackets were flexing a bit so I barried up a brace to the engine mount




I got tired at this point and my welding got worse than usual. I'll give it a tidy up later but for now everything lines up and it'll bolt on and off relatively easily.
I messed up the spacing a bit for the nut, you have to put the nut in first before sticking the engine mount bolt through. Its a bit fiddly but not a major as its not something thats going to get taken out a whole lot.




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So the list of things to do (in no particular order)

Make a mount for the front plastics
Make a headlight mount and mounts for the melody plastics
Trim melody plastics to suit Master cylinder
Drill plastics to suit Dio ignition switch
clean and paint frame and brackets
Make a tail light bracket
Wire up tail lights
Make up the header tube to expansion chamber that wont melt/touch the plastics
Finish off Rear shock mount (weld washers/bolt in place and make a spacer)
Machine Variator bush so I can actually bolt it up
Fit new belt
Tune and do some whoolies


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What do you do when you have a big list of things to do and a deadline? Buy another project of course.


I filled it with fresh fuel and noticed the oil tank also filled itself with fuel so duped some 2 stroke oil in the tank.

Bit of crc down the carb and it started. 

The throttle cable was seized so off to the hoard and I found one that was less seized and fitted it, It only sticks on half throttle now. The exhaust was missing and the motor looked similar to the one in the melody, surprisingly it actually fitted. 

Went for a test ride and goes pretty good, my feet only just fit on the foot rest


I gave the garage a quick tidy and lined them up for a family photo



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I finished off the exhaust mount and chucked some high temp paint on it. I will be wrapping it so I figured I'd give it every chance I could. I was hoping for a white or yellow but supercheap had no stock of the higher temp stuff in those colours so I decided on silver



Barried up a coil mount. 




I'd been putting off doing the fork seals for ages as I thought they would be a pain, they took less time than the coil bracket. They were well due to be done. The forks stick out above the clamps a bit and hit the plastics so before I reassemble them I'll borrow a lathe and shorten them. I gave one fork a bit of flap wheel loving so it should clear the new rotor bolts.

Too easy, just undo the bolts at the bottom and release the schmoo 



Out with the old 


New seals in 



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Any reason you're wrapping it? I assume it's just to avoid burnt legs as there's no performance advantage. 

Make sure you leave the first 50mm (at least) of the header unwrapped, otherwise it'll have a detrimental effect on your spanny's ringadingability. 


Great work by the way! 

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28 minutes ago, Truenotch said:

Any reason you're wrapping it? I assume it's just to avoid burnt legs as there's no performance advantage. 

Make sure you leave the first 50mm (at least) of the header unwrapped, otherwise it'll have a detrimental effect on your spanny's ringadingability. 


Great work by the way! 

Its to avoid melting the plastics even more than they are more than anything. 


Changing the length of the primary pipe also will change/move the ring a dings so I've got that against me too. The barry in me hopes they will cancel each other out but it'll probably make it worse. If the wrap makes it super shit I can always take it off. I need to get it running and see how it goes. 

I had no atf or fork oil so shoved some power Steer fluid in the forks. It might be a tad light but it'll do for now. 




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Finally found the China death spec pad that was supplied with the 4pot calipers. It was in a random tin with some coins in a pile of crap. Fitted them up after spending some time trying to work out how to get the bleed Nipple to the top. Turns out the calipers are meant to be upside down. Took ages bleeding them up but i got there in the end. 

After some homework I've found some quality pads that will work on these calipers. Only problem is they don't exist in nz. I've found a wholesaler here who can get some but I'll have to order 10 sets. 


Crossed a few things off the list 


@Raizer overnighted a jet set and exhaust gasket as I've lost the last three he has sent me so once I barry up the oil tank I can try tune it.

I took it for a quick roll down the drive and the power steering fluid is a bit on the light side so I'll try find some atf 

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Few small things ticked too tonight

Coil earth sorted


I let my inner barry run free and re did the oil tank outlet. Nothing but the finest hoardings


Mixed up some epoxy on a nice clean surface and slapped it on



It even fits now and doesn't leak, just to be doubly sure of it not leaking I'll give it a quick sand and another layer of epoxy tomorrow




While I waited for the epoxy to set I gave the squash carb a brakeclean rebuild and a quick adjustment. It actually stayed running this time and didn't flood. I took it for a quick pest down the road to the park. The squash has a semi recent white plate so I/ hoping I can go to vtnz and just fill in relevant paperwork and re register it without too much fuss



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Today is going fantastic. Squash is now registered which is great. Inspector just had a look at it/found chassis number and we had van sharns. 


I threw together the wiring on the melody and chucked the biggest jets in the carb and it fired up. Took it for a squirt up the drive and it goes well mega rich but that's easy to fix. 



Time for a nap and some lunch and I can smash everything else out.

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