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Mmm new goodies

@Raizer is a legend and dropped some more goodies off. I've acquired a non buckled rear wheel for this too and they tyre still has a bit of tread left so we know what's going to happen 

The front cable brake bracket was in the way. A few minutes with a file and hacksaw sorted that





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I had the brilliant idea of checking if the dio brake cable fitted the nifty controls as it didn't fit the melody. Fucking brilliant it does! No need to figure out custom cabkes now. I just have to redo the wiring but no big deal. Still cheaper than fucking around figuring out cables. The indicator switch has wires for the front and rear of lights which will make it easier to tidy the wiring 







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More surprises 



Probably should give them a clean up but realistically they'll get some rubber slapped on and they will get bolted on. 

Ill be collecting another melody on the weekend so hopefully the mount fits that one. Im picking it wont but i have the dio frame to butcher for the front end stuff so may as well cut the back up too 

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I couldn't resist test fitting these. 

Bloody brakes cost more than the scooter did. 

Bleeding them will be fun as tge bleed nipple is on the inside. I will need disassemble and clean out the caliper as there is some machining and anodizing muck in it



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While motorvation was actually present I had a look at the mount I got from the states. The stabilizer bracket didn't line up at all so I chopped it off.

Success. It now fits. Now is the wheel even slightly centered.



Double success


Center stand will need to be removed but I was expecting that.

Prior to removal from the dio the motor felt a bit down on power and was missing intermittently. The miss turned out to be a burnt/loose coil terminal. I ordered some more bits from @Raizer and this arrived 



Can't complain at the thoroughness of the packaging. He ensured nothing could move in the box and be damaged


I pulled the plastics off the motor


Head gasket is chooched and was leaking


Whipped the barrel off and popped the piston out.


Nice new piston and barrel


Refer back to a photo of it being assembled here.

I replaced the clutch springs and clutch bell along with the final drive oil



I went to replace the variator with something that wasn't $20 from aliexpress and the sleeve it slides on is slightly thicker than the Honda one. Does anyone have a bush reamer I can borrow? The pins are too hard to try cut or butcher with my tools.


I swapped the leaking forks off the zx dip for some that don't and test fitted the brakes. Another success (mostly). I just need a tiny spacer and possibly some filing of the fork


I have to decide which frame I want to cut up now as the disc stem is shorter than the melody and wont fit. I've got a dio frame that it works with which I plan to weld on. I'm hoping it'll clear the melody plastics and I can use the mudguard but haven't had a look at that yet

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I needed to somehow get the Dio stem to fit onto the melody frame. The melody tube is longer and thicker than the dio. Since IT was thicker I gambled that the thinner dio stem tube would fit the melody. Both frames had a date with the grinder and it mostly worked


 Melody vs dio


I'll save those bits for mounting the plastics later


Some A+ Grinding skills


Couple of tacks and a test fit, Its a bit high so I raised the tube as much as I could.


GTFO stand, I can't mount my engine properly


In my wisdom I threw out the dio handle bars and of course the melody ones don't fit the Dio stem. I think one of the other nifty bars fitted the dio stem so I'll check my hoard

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9 minutes ago, flyingbrick said:

Dude, i really like the way you did the stem swap.. smart way of keeping everything straight!!!!

I didn't trust myself to get it straight any other way really. I eyeballed the angles and they looked to be the same. I guess I'll find out how it behaves once I get it running

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Thr melody i got for parts is in better condition than the 'good' one. Looks like it got warm and ate some rings. I measured and @Raizer ordered me a set of rings. I choose the least scored piston and gave the barrel a quick hone to knock off the rough edges. I'll fit the other gudgeon pin circlip and make a good old cereal box gasket and see if it'll run



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Reassembled and made one carb out of the two I had. Wound it over and nothing happened, gave it a dose of crc and a couple of coughs but that's it. Im guessing the barrel is too scored or a tad oversize and tge rings aren't sealing properly. The barrel seemed to slide over the rings too easily when assembling it. 


I went to measure up for a new rear shock and realised that the starter was hitting the mount. The mount will clear the starter, but once its flipped its not centered anymore. Back to the drawing board for that one. 

I dummied uo the plastics to feel like I've done something today. The dio triple tree is a interfere fit with the plastics so out with the hole saw 



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